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VCRWorX32 What is VCRWorX?

VCRWorX™32 provides plant personnel with a way to visualize historical data from the plant floor. From the friendly on-screen control, users can select a start time, playback speed and step mode for viewing. Users can compare live views with historical views, or compare the current production run against a “golden batch” and make real-time set-point changes.

Features & Benefits

 Easy to Use GUI
Select start times, playback speed, and step mode for viewing information.

 Replay Control
Play, Stop, Fast Forward, Slow Motion, Reverse, Pause and Step.

 View Comparison
Compare live views with historical views or compare current production run against “ideal” data to make set-point changes that result in greater productivity and efficiency.

 Intuitive Search
Look for specific key events, tags or expressions

 Customizable Skins
Change the look and feel of the control and replay panel

 User-friendly Application
VCRWorX is the easiest method on the market for graphical representation of historical information.

 Easy to Use VCR-like GUI
The VCRWorX32 Control Panel floats on top of your GraphWorX32 screen and works just like VCR/DVD controls. Operators can specify time and date ranges for replay, fast forward and rewind, change the replay speed and search for key events, tags, or expressions. VCRWorX can be launched from GraphWorX32, AlarmWorX32, and TrendWorX32 containers during runtime.

 View Comparison
Users can also compare live views with historical views, or compare the current production run against “ideal data” and make set-point changes, resulting in greater productivity and efficiency. VCRWorX is designed to work with GENESIS32 and WebHMI clients. ICONICS’ "one development tool for multiple targets" technology makes it easy to add VCRWorX to any existing application.

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