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GridWorX What is GridWorX?

GridWorX™ integrates data from external and/or legacy databases for use with HMI/SCADA, storage as historical data or use for real-time control. With the GridWorX Server, users can connect to data sets from any of the supported database types: SQL Server, OLEDB (x64), ODBC (x64), Oracle (via ODP.NET) and SAP. By integrating data, GridWorX allows unparalleled access and control to enterprise data wherever it is stored. For visualization, the GridWorX Viewer is a powerful tool that allows real-time sorting, filtering and grouping.

GridWorX allows to the user to organize data simply and logically. Using Basic, Standard or Advanced Query Designers, the GridWorX Server allows Read, Write, Insert and Delete functionality to be run from operations at any time. Based on user roles and security, operators have access to ICONICS, third party or legacy databases. Utilize the power of spreadsheet visualization with filtering and sorting of data in real time to find relevant data and configure dynamic data sources into grids easily to save time on engineering while providing a powerful tool to operators. Centrally configured in the Workbench, the data sets that drive GridWorX can be reused multiple times or updated via online change support. Add multiple grid views to operator visualization to represent the state of an enterprise.

GridWorX Operator Runtime natively supports read and write capabilities through the SQL Query Designer to allow operators to not just visualize data, but interact with it. Operators can view, sort, filter and group objects in real time. Sorting columns can bring the most important data to the operator and grouping can quickly create ways to visualize data in context of related data. Dynamic color changes can be included to increase the visibility of issues within data sets.

Features & Benefits

 Database Support
Access pre-designed interfaces to SQL, Oracle, MySQL, OLEDB (x64 Driver), ODBC (x64 Driver).

Configure full queries and utilize full functionality from the GridWorX Viewer with a SQL Interface.

  Interactive GridWorX Viewer
The GridWorX Viewer allows for Sorting, Filtering and Grouping as well as for Real-time and Database Visualization.

  Real-time Sorting, Filtering and Grouping
View databases and data in any way they desire, allowing sorting, complex filtering and multi-level grouping.

  Universal Connectivity
Available standard connections to real-time data sources allow integration with BACnet, OPC, SNMP, Web Services and more.
Support for Multiple Databases
With the wide variety of legacy systems in applications, GridWorX makes it easy to incorporate new and old data into the same system without the need to relocate or copy it. GridWorX has a wide variety of data source capabilities and, with 64-bit OLE DB and ODBC drivers, the number of supported databases continues to increase.

Powerful Viewer
Derived from shared capabilities common to the AlarmWorX64 and TrendWorX64 Viewers, the GridWorX Viewer has consistent configuration as well as the ability to save and load configurations during Runtime. Easily Sort, Filter or Group data in the GridWorX Viewer as well as use underlying Structured Query Language to perform all necessary database actions directly from the HMI. New to writing queries? No problem! Basic and advanced query designers are available for use.

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