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TrendWorX32 What is TrendWorX32?

TrendWorX™32 is a powerful collection of real-time trending, historical data logging, reporting and analysis tools that seamlessly integrates with enterprise-wide information systems. Based on the OPC Historical Data Access specification for creating Plug and Play historical data servers and clients, TrendWorX32 offers an open solution to applications requiring scalable and distributed real-time performance.

Features & Benefits

 Store and Forward Capability
Ensures data logging integrity even when the database server or the communications to it fails.

 Data Logging at Fixed Intervals
The logging intervals are user-configurable on a per group basis.

 Separate Logger and HDA Server Functions
Allows the Trend Logger configuration to be changed without disturbing the TrendWorX32 HDA Replay.

 Data Logging
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and MySQL databases.

 Support for ICONICS MonitorWorX™
For reporting key runtime information

 Real-time Trending
TrendWorX Real Time Trend Configuration uses the OLE Automation interface of the TrendWorX32 Viewer ActiveX within a VBA-enabled application, such as GraphWorX32. Pens can be added "on the fly" by reading the pen configuration from a Microsoft Access database (.mdb) file and utilizing the OLE Automation properties of the TrendWorX32 ActiveX through VBA scripts.

 Historical Trending
TrendWorX32 Reporting is compliant with the latest OPC HDA specification 1.2. Although TrendWorX32 Reporting is not a direct OPC HDA client or server, it creates reports with data outputs as specified by the OPC HDA specification. There is now an enhanced data-retrieval system, which utilizes an updated approach to creating historical reports.

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