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What is KPIWorX?

KPIWorX™KPIWorX™ is a new app that allows for the creation, saving and loading of self-service dashboards via MobileHMI. Users can drag and drop data, configure widgets and split screens to add new widgets utilizing KPIWorX’ several preconfigured gauges, process points, trends, alarms and grids. A library of intuitive drag and drop smart symbols makes display creation seamless and efficient. Split-screen compatibility allows for use of multiple widgets and docked settings with a navigator. KPIWorX displays automatically adjust for various data sources as well as smaller fonts, smaller margins and keyboard handling. KPIWorX is especially useful for on-the spot display creation for visualizing data as it is needed. KPIWorX displays can also be transferred to desktop mode for sharing.

Features & Benefits

 Quickly Configure Self-Service Dashboards
Efficiently add and configure interactive displays by editing and customizing dashboards as needed with no preconfiguration necessary all while interacting with displays in Runtime.

 Add and Customize Dynamics in any Display
Incorporate symbols, charts, controls, alarms and much more.

 Choose from a Vast Library of Symbols
Instantly add symbols to a display simply by selecting them. Update symbol aesthetics and dynamics to create practical displays utilizing gauges, meters, switches and indicators as well as industry specific symbols.

 Seamlessly Transition Between Clients
Access KPIWorX data via smartphones, tablets, desktop and web browser.
Fully Customizable
KPIWorX supports a multitude of dynamics to help customize any dashboard for any industry. With all of the convenience of a mobile application and the efficiency and ease of use of an ICONICS product, KPIWorX is ideal for any industry and can be tailored for any application. Alarms, controls, trends, gauges and grids all add to the diverse display capabilities in addition to industry specific symbol libraries.


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