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GENESIS64 + Dashboards

Price:  $2,195
Duration:  5 Days

GENESIS64 Standard

Course Description: 
The GENESIS64 + Dashboards course is a 5-day, instructor-led class. The course is designed to provide students with a good working knowledge of the GENESIS64 Application Server and dashboards. All major features are covered from project configuration to data acquisition, visualization and deployment. Valuable hands-on lab exercises guide you through building and modifying the HMI/SCADA platform. This course also provides in-depth understanding of visualization for your facility data using dashboards, GraphWorX64 advanced features, Commanding and GEO SCADA mapping technology of EarthWorX. Specific ICONICS products used during this course include: GraphWorX64 for visualization, AssetWorX64, AlarmWorX64, TrendWorX64, ReportWorX Express and PortalWorX.

What You Will Learn in Class: 
  • Use Workbench as a centralized project management tool to develop a realistic SCADA and HMI project
  • Learn to build dazzling graphics with GraphWorX
  • Configure and interact with the AlarmWorx server
  • View real-time and historical data using the TrendWorX viewer and logger
  • Secure your SCADA system with ICOINCS Security
  •  Learn benefits of OPC UA servers
  • Benefits of the Unified Data Manager and Unified Data Browser
  • Use Global Aliasing to reduce development time
  • Working with Silverlight Workbench and PortalWorX
  • How to build an Asset Tree
  • Leveraging Equipment Classes to expedite deployment
  • Working with Commands executed from Equipment in the Asset Tree
  • Building customizable web-based Dashboard

Who Should Attend:
Professionals who need to become productive GENESIS64 developers.

Experience with Microsoft® Windows® applications and prior hands-on experience with industrial automation devices.

GENESIS64 Add-Ons 

What You Will Learn in Class:
  • ReportWorX
    • Introduction to ReportWorX
    • Installation of ReportWorX
    • ReportWorX Configurator 
    • Report Scheduling and Triggers
    • Redirector Actions 
    • Report Templates
    • Data Sources Layout Manager
    • Client Management
    • Unified Web Interface
  • Hyper Historian
    • Introduction to Hyper Historian
    • Configuration Overview 
    • License Mode
    • Logger Configuration
    • Logging Groups 
    • Aggregate Groups 
    • Exposure to the extended Hyper Historian feature set
Who should attend:
Professionals who wish to work on the cutting edge through the implementation of the ISA 95 compliant AssetWorX technology, web-based Dashboards and the blistering fast, high availability Hyper Historian logger. 

Prerequisites: Experience with Microsoft® Windows® applications and prior hands-on experience with industrial automation devices. You should have also attended GENESIS64 Standard Training or understand the basic concepts of GENESIS64.

Training Cancellation Policy
You may cancel your registration provided you notify ICONICS by emailing orders@iconics.com at least 10 business days in advance of the first day of the class. All cancellations must be in writing and emailed to orders@iconics.com. In the event you cannot cancel your registration within the allowed timeframe, you will be responsible for the full charges of the class. In this case, you will be able to attend another comparable ICONICS class over the immediately following four-month period.
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