Advanced 3D HMI SCADA Visualization

This whitepaper presents an overview of a powerful approach to visualization of manufacturing that greatly reduces the learning curve for developing HMI applications.

ARC: Water and Wastewater Utilities Optimized as Single Operational Systems

Many water and wastewater utilities continue to strive for improved efficiency, productivity, and the capability to meet newly specified sustainability goals for their operations, all while maintaining critical water quality and effluent requirements.

ARC: Deploying 64-bit HMI SCADA

Manufacturers are developing business cases that demonstrate how 64-bit HMI/SCADA software visualization can be easily adapted to the operator's needs while incorporating the manufacturing requirements for optimal operation.

ARC: Largest Global Independent HMI/SCADA Supplier

Privately held ICONICS is debt free and maintains a strong cash position, providing the company with the ability to remain independent, withstand economic downturns, make strategic acquisitions as appropriate, and devote substantial funds for R&D.

ARC: ICONICS’ New Industrial Mobile HMI Apps: Any Glass, Anywhere

New mobile HMI applications are beginning to gain traction in the industrial world. ICONICS' MobileHMI™ demonstrates many of the features and capabilities that will drive increasing user acceptance of these types of industrial apps.

Augmented Reality and Wearable Devices

Wearable devices and augmented reality fit well into ICONICS' product ecosystem, which already provides mobile-friendly solutions with its MobileHMI™ apps, touch input methods, and location services.

BACnet Advanced Workstation PICS

ICONICS GENESIS64™'s Platform Services provides the ability to monitor and control BACnet devices over a BACnet/IP network, or through a BACnet router to any BACnet device.

Best Practices in Manufacturing Automation

The use of industrial software and a Microsoft platform, across many of the process industries, can provide the basis for data delivery and the fostering of communication and collaboration across an organization.

DataWorX32™ Configuration Guide

This paper quickly guides users through the capabilities of DataWorX32™, the configuration of which can be easily reproduced by first time users who have a basic understanding of OPC.

DataWorX32™ OPC Tunneling

This paper provides info on features of ICONICS OPC Tunneling product that may be useful to companies that wish to network OPC clients and servers running on different platforms, in different domains, or in completely separate networks.

Fault Tolerance Redundancy

This paper covers features of several ICONICS products that may be of use to companies wishing to apply fault tolerance and redundancy to their GENESIS32™ or BizViz™ system.

GENESIS64™ FDA 21CFR11 Capabilities

This paper provides useful info on features of several GENESIS64™ components that may be useful to companies wishing to comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Highly Secure HMI SCADA and Automation Systems

This paper presents an overview of the many features and qualities of ICONICS applications that make them a good fit for a secure project.

Hyper Historian™ Performance

This paper provides the results of ICONICS Hyper Historian™ data historian performance tests, including both the Standard and Enterprise editions.

ICONICS Geo Productivity Portal

Geo Productivity Portals unify critical operations management interfaces for distributed system information and supervisory control and include mapping technologies to navigate large geographical spaces.


IoTWorX™ provides the bridge between an on premise communications network and a cloud-based communications network.

ARC: Helping Oil & Gas Businesses Meet Today’s Challenges

To meet today's challenges, owner-operators in the upstream oil & gas industry need to be able to provide employees at all levels of the organization with effective data visualization, appropriate analytics, and other real-time decision support tools.

ICONICS Sustainability Solutions Brief

This paper provides an overview of ICONICS energy management and sustainability solutions that help customers reduce energy costs, cut consumption, curtail carbon emissions and significantly streamline facilities maintenance.

KPI OEE and Downtime Analytics

This paper defines and illustrates the collection of metric data in determining process efficiency and the reasons for the loss of time or process, as well as covers the efficient, flexible methodology using ICONICS BizViz™ and GENESIS32™ software suites.

Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions

This paper provides info on the features of several ICONICS products that might be useful to companies wishing to apply manufacturing intelligence solutions.

Microsoft Loudoun Water Case Study

This paper provides a case study on Microsoft customer, Loudoun Water, and their implementation of ICONICS' GENESIS64™ HMI/SCADA software suite.

Migration Solutions for the End of XP

This paper covers what the end of Windows XP means for automation software users, including the potential risks of continuing to use XP, options for upgrading, and best practices for migrating.

OPC UA Defined and Its Impact on the Oil & Gas Industry

This paper defines the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) communications technology as it relates to applications within the oil and gas industry.

OPC UA Defined and How It Impacts Automation

This paper defines the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) communications technology as it relates to applications within industrial automation and business process control.

Real Time Solutions for Sustainable Energy and Facility Management

ICONICS' Sustainability Software Solutions include the native capability to integrate across the enterprise to access and merge real-time info on energy and resource consumption, carbon emissions and causes of excessive consumption.

Recipe Management System

This paper outlines the ICONICS Recipe Management System by providing examples that illustrate the capabilities of this tool in ICONICS GENESIS32™, which can be used to manage and control real-time processes.

Renewable Energy Solutions Brief

The driving forces for the development of renewable energy consist of concerns for energy security, a global aversion to continued environmental degradation and possible climate change.

SAP BAPI Connector

This paper introduces customers, reps, distributors and systems integrators to the SAP BAPI Connector for training and product selection purposes.

SNMP Quick Start and Introduction

This paper introduces basic info on the SNMP communications protocol, as well as how to create a display in GraphWorX32™ that shows useful SNMP information coming from the network.

ARC: Software Tool Helps Manufacturers Manage Energy as a Product Cost

ICONICS has combined new energy analytics software with its existing HMI software platform and connectivity options to create a solution for energy management, targeting discrete manufacturing industries, process industries, and buildings.

Symphony of Software Saves Millions (Microsoft 88 Acres Story)

This document provides an overview of Microsoft's project, including ICONICS' automation software, to turn its 500-acre headquarters into a smart campus to achieve energy savings and other efficiency gains.

Unified Data Manager Configuration Guide

This paper guides users through the capabilities of the Unified Data Manager (UDM), describing configurations that can be easily reproduced by first time users who have a basic understanding of OPC.

Washington Athletic Club Cover Story

This reprint from Touch magazine provides an overview of Microsoft customer, Washington Athletic Club, and their installation of ICONICS software to monitor energy usage and regulate consumption in real time.

Strategies for Operational Excellence

This paper summarizes recommended approaches for applying software in automated operational environments for organizations that seek continuous improvement towards "Operational Excellence".

ESB Readiness Playbook

This paper provides an understanding of energy smart building readiness including useful info on networking, open protocols, interoperability, documentation and key performance indicators.

Cyber Security Threats eBook

ICONICS GENESIS64 Suite Section 508 Compliance and VPAT V1

This document helps towards choosing software to meet accessibility standards and produce accessible content. Compliance information is provided for most ICONICS products, in addition to a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) that details all the regulations of the U.S. Section 508 accessibility standard.