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Alarm Analytics™

Alarm Analytics™ provides Alarm Management, Reporting and Analysis.


AlarmWorX™32 is multimedia OPC alarm management software.


BatchWorX™64 is batch process management software, compatible with S88 requirements.


BizViz™ is business visualization and manufacturing software providing real-time manufacturing intelligence from the production floor to the boardroom.

BizViz™ Analytics

BizViz™ Analytics provides a suite of analytics solutions that maximizes your operational efficiency.


BridgeWorX™ provides real-time workflow for data bridging.


DataWorX™32 provides OPC Data Aggregation, Bridging, Redundancy and Tunneling.

Energy AnalytiX

Energy AnalytiX provides Advanced Energy Management Software.

Facility AnalytiX®

Facility AnalytiX® provides Predictive Software for Facilities Management.


GENESIS32™ OPC Web-enabled HMI/SCADA software suite allows users to connect to, analyze and visualize their organization's important data.


GENESIS64™ provides the World's Most Advanced Suite of 64-bit HMI/SCADA Software Solutions.

GENESIS64™ (German)

GENESIS64™ provides the World's Most Advanced Suite of 64-bit HMI/SCADA Software Solutions.

Hyper Historian™ for Azure

Hyper Historian™ for Azure provides a plant-wide historian for real-time data collection and IoT applications.

Hyper Historian™

Hyper Historian™ provides a High Speed, Reliable, Robust, Advanced Big Data Plant Historian for Any Application.


IoTWorX™ provides an IoT Software Solution for Any Edge Device.

IoTWorX™ Spec Sheet

This document provides summary specifications for ICONICS IoTWorX™ software.


MobileHMI™ provides Instant KPIs and Alerts, Anytime, Anywhere.

ICONICS Product Catalog

The ICONICS Product Catalog provides an all-in-one overview of ICONICS automation software solutions.

Quality AnalytiX®

Quality AnalytiX® provides a Complete SPC Quality Software Solution.


ReportWorX™ provides Real-Time Reporting, Charting and Analytics Software.


ScheduleWorX™ provides Advanced Scheduling for Building Controls and Manufacturing.

Smart Energy AnalytiX

Top 20 Reasons You Need GENESIS64

Learn about our Top 20 Reasons You Need GENESIS64! From high performance data capture and energy monitoring, to rich dashboard visualizations and scalability, GENESIS64 is here to meet your organization's unique needs.

Download our quick overview document and get started with GENESIS64!