Mr. Chris Elsbree ICONICS Chief Software Architect demonstrates ICONICS 3D HTML5 and Dynamic Cloning.

Video Transcript

Mr. Mark Hepburn ICONICS Vice President of Global Sales introduces the speaker of the presentation Mr. Chris Elsbree Chief Software Architect for ICONICS. He will present a demonstration of 3D HTML5, Dynamic Cloning. [0:00]  

Mr. Elsbree begins by explaining the main purpose of the 3D HTML5 demonstration is to provide maintenance training for repairing the robot on the screen and then begins the demonstration. [0:58]  

Mr. Elsbree explains that the 3D rendering can be accomplished using Web GL technology which is supported in most modern web browsers. [1:35] 

Mr. Elsbree explains that the display combines both 3D and 2D elements into a single HMI and explains the benefits and uses of both elements. [2:18] 

Mr. Elsbree demonstrates the visual representation of the areas that the robot arm can reach with its program movements which demonstrates the size and visibility animations and explains how the training for fault repair is carried out. [3:16] 

Mr. Elsbree explains that having the sequence represented in 3D provides better spatial understanding of the locations and relationships of the robot parts. [4:07] 

Mr. Elsbree shows how the 3D is configured to run in the web browser using GraphWorX64. [4:27] 

Mr. Elsbree shows the rotation animation configuration and the data source that drives the 3D rotation for the joint and ends the brief overview of the ICONICS new 3D support for HTML5 and goes over the benefits. [5:32]  

Mr. Elsbree demonstrates the clone dynamic which can be used to simplify configuration when there is the need to visualize multiple instances of a graphical symbol where each symbol instance is going to be tied to unique data. [7:07] 

Mr. Elsbree shows how information can be visualized on the HMI screen without having to configure the 100 unique graphical symbols saving time and decreasing error. [9:02] 

Mr. Elsbree wraps up his presentation providing a summary of the power and time saving benefits of using the clone dynamic. [12:18]