Mr. Mark Hepburn ICONICS Vice President of Global Sales provides a brief overview of several ICONICS AnalytiX innovation including specifically its Hyper Historian, Facility AnalytiX, Energy AnalytiX, ReportWorX64, BridgeWorX64, Quality AnalytiX, CFSWorX, Bulk Asset Configurator, and AnalytiX-BI.

Video Transcript

Mr. Mark Hepburn ICONICS Vice President of Global Sales talks about AnalytiX innovation and how it can be used to grow a project and what capabilities it provides and begins by explaining about ICONICS Hyper Historian. [0:00] 

Mr. Hepburn briefly explains Facility AnalytiX fault and diagnostics detection product and that this tool reduces downtime, energy consumption and tells what to do and when and what to prioritize. [2:04] 

Mr. Hepburn explains ICONICS Energy AnalytiX tool and how it helps to collect energy data and provides visualization. [2:41] 

Mr. Hepburn explains ReportWorX64 which is ICONICS tool for creating reports from datasets. [3:08] 

Mr. Hepburn explains ICONICS BridgeWorX64 tool which can move information from one place to another based on events. [3:44] 

Mr. Hepburn explains Quality AnalytiX which is SPC statistical process control. [4:10] 

Mr. Hepburn explains CFSWorX which is Connected Field Workers which is essential in our new normal of remote working. [4:34] 

Mr. Hepburn explains ICONICS Bulk Asset Configurator tool which allows companies to rapidly build systems. [5:48] 

Mr. Hepburn explains the AnalytiX-BI tool and how it connects to any ICONICS data source and external data source and creates a relational framework to tie together all data sources with real time interactive experience. [6:14]