Mr. Luke Gonyea, ICONICS Solution Engineer demonstrates the new Hyper Alarm Server and Alarm Logger in the ICONICS 10.97.1 new release.

Video Transcript

Mr. Mark Hepburn ICONICS Vice President of Global Sales introduces the session and its presenter Mr. Luke Gonyea, ICONICS Solution Engineer [0:00]  

Mr. Gonyea begins the demonstration of the new ICONICS Hyper Alarm Server and Alarm Logger on a roller chain manufacturing facility. [0:37]  

Mr. Gonyea explains the demonstration pointing out the different pieces of equipment in the facility. He adds that with the Hyper Alarm Server, there is the capability to have further integration between alarms and that any asset structure is defined. [1:20] 

Mr. Gonyea explains that in addition to visualizing alarms through the Asset Navigator, there is the traditional tabular view of visualizing the alarms. [2:56] 

Mr. Gonyea talks about configuration in the workbench and more about the asset structure. [4:27] 

Mr. Gonyea explains that the configuration of the Hyper Alarm Server is also going to allow for more control over the configuration of alarms and events and part of that is the ability to generate individual expressions using the full ICONICS Expression Library to generate a statement that defines different alarm conditions. He also explains additional new capabilities in the 10.97.1 release. [5:48]  

Mr. Gonyea explains that in addition to having the Hyper Alarm Server configured directly from the provider in the workbench, it can be integrated with equipment classes. [8:20] 

Mr. Gonyea concludes the demonstration and reiterates that the configuration for real time connection, historical data logging, advanced analytics, and now with the Hyper Alarm Server and Logger, alarms and events are all configured through the centralized asset tool AssetWorX in the GENESIS64 platform. [10:12]