President of Data Acuity Mr. Jim Desrosiers explains in details about manufacturing efficiency cover numerous topics like Overall Equipment Efficiency, the Loss Deployment Approach, the “Data to Information to Knowledge to Wisdom” Model and uses the company’s Catania Oils project as an example.

Video Transcript

Mr. Jim Desrosiers President of Data Acuity begins his presentation on Manufacturing Efficiency by greeting the audience and expressing his gratitude for seeing his friends and colleagues. He then goes over the initial questions asked for a typical manufacturing efficiency project and the objectives of such a project. He also previews his presentation going over what he intends to cover. [0:00]  

Mr. Desrosiers explains that every manufacturing efficiency project starts with a metric called Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and defines important terms related to this metric. [2:41] 

Mr. Desrosiers explains how to weigh Overall Equipment Effectiveness and introduces a video about the Catania Oils Data Acuity project. [3:44] 

Mr. Desrosiers explains the objective, definition, and particular metrics needed to measure OEE and further discusses the Catania Oils project. [4:28]  

Mr. Desrosiers explains how to correlate metrics with the collected manufacturing data and displays and explains a Pareto chart. [6:25]  

Mr. Desrosiers explains how to figure out the total amount of product that can be produced in an ideal situation. [7:12] 

Mr. Desrosiers goes over some of the challenges in monitoring OEE and discusses the Loss Deployment Approach. [8:58] 

Mr. Desrosiers points out that it is important to understand the impact of production cost versus production value and how to do this with the goal of getting the right resources focused on the right problems. [11:04] 

Mr. Desrosiers explains the efficiency loss because of the process. [12:50] 

Mr. Desrosiers introduces a second video in which Dan Brackett Catania Oils Vice President of Operations explains the benefits the company realized by maximizing OEE. [15:47] 

Mr. Desrosiers explains how Data Acuity approaches each project to gain knowledge and wisdom from information coming out of the automation system. [16:32]  

Mr. Desrosiers explains how to gain predictive awareness out of data. [17:50]  

Mr. Desrosiers explains the “Moving from Data to Information to Knowledge to Wisdom “or the “DIKW” data model. [18:32] 

Mr. Desrosiers explains how to get from knowledge to wisdom through graphical ways of looking at information and then how to act upon this knowledge. [19:15] 

Mr. Desrosiers demonstrates an example of reaching towards predictive maintenance. [20:36] 

Mr. Desrosiers goes over the highlights of the presentation. [24:08]