This module Data Acuity President Mr. Jim Desrosiers explains the importance of looking at Loss Deployment and Overall Equipment Efficiency when assessing the efficiency of a manufacturing process and presents the use case of Catania Oils as an example.

Video Transcript

The module narrator of the video explains that this module of manufacturing data analytics will focus on Overall Equipment Effectiveness or OEE and introduce a metric called Loss Deployment. He also introduces the Data Acuity President Mr. Jim Desrosiers, the presenter of the module. [0:00]  

Mr. Desrosiers explains OEE and its purpose and use of this metric and that it breaks down into three separate buckets. [0:26]  

Mr. Desrosiers presents the Data Acuity Catania Oils project as a use case and explains the parameters of the use case. [0:53]  

Mr. Dan Brackett Vice President of Operations for Catania Oils explains the objective of the company’s OEE project. [1:02] 

The narrator explains the three buckets of OEE that needs focus in order to get the right resources on the right problems. [1:19]  

Mr. Desrosiers explains the three OEE buckets and the importance of drilling down into these buckets. [1:37]  

The narrator explains the next level of the analysis which is to be able to correlate the scores of the three buckets to another set of data. [2:23]  

Mr. Brackett explains that Catania Oils regularly collects data through ICONICS for monitoring and controlling processes. [2:27] 

The narrator explains a critical metric to make gains in efficiency which is Loss Deployment. [2:45]  

Mr. Desrosiers further explains Loss Deployment and its importance in giving greater insight into the true loss of efficiency. He explains the last metrics of OEE which is to figure out what is the total amount of product that could be made in an ideal situation of 24/7/385 with no loss of efficiency and then explains the five buckets that are included in this metric. [3:03]  

Mr. Desrosiers wraps up the module by reiterating that the metric of Loss Deployment fully includes OEE but the additional buckets give greater insight into the potential loss of efficiency and that it is crucial to focus on the entire process when looking to make greater efficiency gains.