Mr. Jim Desrosiers President of Data Acuity explains how to go about establish a Unified Visualization of a manufacturing process using Catania Oils as a case study.

Video Transcript

The module narrator explains that in this module of manufacturing data analytics, the focus will be on Unified Visualization using a case study with Catania Oils. [0:00] 

Mr. Dan Brackett Vice President of Operations for Catania Oils explains how the company uses ICONICS to collect data allowing them to maximize Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), collect information, and also assess data transfer between departments, data concerning items and output. [0:21]  

Mr. Jim Desrosiers President of Data Acuity explains that like in most projects, initial discussions with Catania Oils centered around a single specific challenge which was accurate and real time knowledge of production counts. However, Mr. Desrosiers explains that it is better to sketch a long term, three-to-five-year vision of data consumption for gaining more process knowledge and wisdom. [0:52]  

Mr. Desrosiers then explains the process for building a modular flexible adaptable data architecture which allows for a creation of one step at a time for a unified visualization. [1:22]