ICONICS President and CEO Mr. Ted Hill introduces the Connect 2021 event and provides an overview of the session. He then explains his reasons for joining the ICONICS team. Being a company of Mitsubishi, he gives arguments for why ICONICS and Mitsubishi are such a good fit. He provides some background to the ICONICS teams around the world and explains the ICONICS software and architecture discussing the software’s capabilities. He ends by thanking the company’s founder Mr. Russ Agrusa.

Video Transcript

Mr. Hill begins the session explaining that Connect 2021 is his first ICONICS customer event.

Mr. Hill reflects on the past 18 months and what that incredible time brought in terms of accelerating technology and new work situations. [00:29] 

Mr. Hill explains the reasons he joined ICONICS. [1:34] 

Mr. Hill provides an overview of the Connect 2021 sessions. [2:04] 

Mr. Hill talks about ICONICS’ history and its founder Mr. Russ Agrusa. [3:00] 

Mr. Hill explains the importance of ICONICS customers, how its success and technology innovations are due to them and talks about the recognition given to the company and the industries its software is used in. [3:30] 

Mr. Hill provides information about ICONICS four locations and teams globally. [4:16] 

Mr. Hill explains about ICONICS’ software portfolio and its software capabilities. [5:32] 

Mr. Hill explains the value ICONICS customers get from its software and how their work will improve using ICONICS products. [6:43]

Mr. Hill explains the five key aspects of ICONICS that have made it successful over the last 35 years. [7:42] 

Mr. Hill explains ICONICS architecture. [8:08] 

Mr. Hill explains ICONICS industry standards. [9:07] 

Mr. Hill discusses some of ICONICS continuous innovations. [9:40] 

Mr. Hill next discusses ICONICS extensibility. [10:24] 

Mr. Hill talks about the ICONICS team and how they have enabled its innovations. [11:04] 

Mr. Hill goes over many of the awards that ICONICS has won through out the years. [11:29] 

Mr. Hill comments on and thanks Mr. Russ Agrusa, founder of ICONICS and former President and CEO. [11:52]