Mr. Sean Hartnett, the Microsoft US Industry Advisor Team for Smart Buildings, explains Microsoft’s view on its responsibility for sustainability and its goals to achieve it and to help the world as a whole to achieve sustainability. This objective includes using all of the company’s resources, technology, and expertise. Mr. Hartnett also discusses how the Microsoft uses ICONICS software in its smart buildings.

Video Transcript

Mr. Ted Hill President and CEO of ICONICS explains some of the work ICONICS and Microsoft have collaborated on and introduces Microsoft Sean Hartnett. [0:00] 

Mr. Sean Hartnett provides an overview of his talk and how Microsoft and ICONICS are aligned for sustainability. [1:07]  

Mr. Hartnett explains why climate change is extremely serious and why it is important to work toward better environment management. [1:54] 

Mr. Hartnett explains how Microsoft views sustainability and that it is part of its business core and that sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. [3:13]  

Mr. Hartnett explains Microsoft’s sustainability work and goals. [3:58] 

Mr. Hartnett explains Microsoft’s sustainability journey and its commitment to continue this journey. [6:12]  

Mr. Hartnett explains how Microsoft’s team are working towards their sustainability journey providing specific company carbon targets. [7:33] 

Mr. Hartnett explains how Microsoft will meet its sustainability targets. [9:53] 

Mr. Hartnett goes over some of the highlights of Microsoft’s sustainability achievements. [10:19] 

Mr. Hartnett explains Microsoft’s plans for 2021. [10:41] 

Mr. Hartnett explains Microsoft’s first sustainability project in which it partnered with ICONICS and outlined the value using ICONICS software. [11:52] 

Mr. Hartnett explains Microsoft’s plans to continue to work with ICONICS and to help Microsoft customers optimize their operations for increased sustainability. [14:33] 

Mr. Hartnett explains the launching of Microsoft’s new cloud for sustainability. [15:02] 

Mr. Hartnett ends his talk and reiterates that businesses can obtain sustainability. [16:06] 

Mr. Hill ends the session by thanking Mr. Hartnett. [16:43]