Mr. Paul Carter ICONICS Business Development Manager and Mr. Ryan Legg ICONICS Business Development Manager host the first ICONICS Connect 2021 Newsroom. They highlight interesting topics covered in the first session reiterating the importance and value of these topics.

Video Transcript

Mr. Ted Hill President and CEO of ICONICS announces the end of the session and thanks all the presenters. He then introduces Mr. Paul Carter ICONICS Business Development Manager and Mr. Ryan Legg ICONICS Business Development Manager, the hosts of the ICONICS Newsroom. [0:00] 

Mr. Carter introduces himself. [0:31]  

Mr. Legg introduces himself and comments on ICONICS’ 35th anniversary and talks about the company being part of Mitsubishi Electric company. He also provides some background on Mitsubishi Electric. [1:02] 

Mr. Carter explains what he likes about ICONICS customer events, what he gets out of these like learning about new technology and the related terms. [2:28]  

Mr. Legg expands on what Mr. Carter talked about and reiterates the new technology presented in the session. [4:22]  

Mr. Carter refers to Ted Hill’s comment “If you can imagine it, you can build it” and how ICONICS allows companies to open to thinking about what’s happening in the world and what organizations can possibly do to make invisible information visible giving the examples of Continental Tires and Microsoft.  

Mr. Legg refers to some of the real-world examples in which ICONICS products are used and comments on ICONICS be a 10-time Microsoft Partner of the Year award. [6:30]  

Mr. Legg comments the ICONICS is doing work to help society like the SUSTIE building. [7:25]  

Mr. Carter comments that the SUSTIE building is an experiment in R&D, but it has been proven to work and that it is a holistic approach to achieving sustainability. He says that this building provides ideas to customer on how they can reimagine what they think about their facilities and buildings and what type of sustainability journey they are on or can have. [7:57]  

Mr. Legg comments on ICONICS’ new connected field worker solution CFSWorX. The solution connects data and field service people for quicker reactions to fulfil customer needs. [8:52]  

Mr. Carter mentions an example discussed in one of the previous presentations about a large global automotive company and how amazing it was to be part of its journey of achieving its goals. [9:56]  

Mr. Legg recalls the Spirax Sarco case study and how the company refers to the ICONICS’ team as family. [10:34]  

Mr. Carter acknowledges Mr. Russel Agrusa the founder of ICONICS and touches on some of his accomplishments. [12:08]  

Mr. Carter and Ryan discuss the Spot the robot and its applications and value. [13:32]  

Paul refers to the presentation by Daniel Nikovski on evaluating time series data and some of this technology’s important applications. [14:54] 

Ryan reiterates one goal of Dr. Nikovski’s work which is moving towards predictive maintenance to optimize operations and reduce downtown and hopefully in the future avoid downtime all together. [16:03]  

Paul discussed his experience working for a customer in Florida that makes hurricane proof windows and doors. The company increased overall manufacturing efficiency and moved from having unscheduled downtime events to preventative maintenance and [16:52]  

Ryan referred to the presentation on security and that ICONICS is working with the Departments of Defense and Energy, agencies that demand the absolute highest level of security standards. [18:45]  

Paul mentions Ted Hill’s comment about our new reality, our new normal, some of which is the edge to cloud concept, digital transformation and having our data available, anytime, any type of data anywhere. [20:08]  

Ryan wraps up the Newsroom session and introduces the presenter of the next session Mark Hepburn, ICONICS Global Vice President of Sales. [21:57]