Mr. Zink Kawasaki, Head Researcher of the Information Technology R&D Center at Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, explains how ICONICS is being used for the Mitsubishi Electric research and development case study: their SUSTIE smart net zero energy building and in particular how ICONICS GENESIS64 software can be used for future solutions for smart buildings and cities.

Video Transcript

ICONICS President & CEO Mr. Ted Hill describes Mitsubishi Electric’s support for sustainable develop goals and how its research and development group built the SUSTIE building. He explains this project including how ICONICS software is used. He provides an overview of the session and then introduces the first presenter, Head Researcher of the Information Technology R&D Center at Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Mr. Zink Kawasaki [0:00]

Mr. Kawasaki introduces himself and previews his presentation. He talks about Mitsubishi’s Electric’s collaboration with ICONICS in the SUSTIE smart building research and explains the project’s objective. [2:48]

Mr. Kawasaki explains the SUSTIE collaboration project and goes over the building architecture explaining three points: certification, equipment, and workplace. [4:16] 

Mr. Kawasaki explains how ICONICS software GENESIS64 is used in the facility and gives an overview of the system. [6:27] 

Mr. Kawasaki explains the solutions of the project which are energy management, comfort monitoring, and occupancy and space utilization. He explains in detail what data GENESIS64 collects and what insights it gives. [7:55]

Mr. Kawasaki explains three reasons GENESIS64 is used in their SUSTIE building project. 

Mr. Kawasaki concludes his presentation reiterating their successful development and demonstration of Mitsubishi Electric’s technologies along with GENESIS64.