Mr. Jotham Kildea ICONICS Solution Sales Engineering Supervisor provides a demonstration of how ICONICS software is being used in the Mitsubishi Electric net zero energy building SUSTIE, providing detailed explanation and clear visuals of the operational monitoring and control of the SUSTIE smart building.

Video Transcript

Mr. Jotham Kildea ICONICS Solution Sales Engineering Supervisor introduces himself and his work with the SUSTIE project. [0:00]  

Mr. Kildea begins by explaining the dashboard he will use in the demonstration [0:26] 

Mr. Kildea explains how ICONICS is used to build displays of the building for monitoring. [0:56] 

Mr. Kildea shows the comfort widget that is used to represent some of the data sources collecting comfort data.  

Mr. Kildea shows ICONICS capability to monitor traditional comfort information like temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide and shows how to make use of a floor plan to convey information about the spaces. [2:33] 

Mr. Kildea demonstrates ICONICS occupancy dashboard showing how it can be used to visualize detailed occupancy information. He also shows how the software can keep track of target occupancy and other metrics like schedules which are extremely relevant due to COVID. [2:57] 

Mr. Kildea explains AnalytiX BI’s capability to take raw data streams and subscriptions directly from sensors and converts these into data sets in a data model to be queried in interesting ways. [4:39]  

Mr. Kildea demonstrates an energy dashboard that shows energy metrics like overall energy consumption. It shows best and worst performers over time to see how equipment is running and shows the scheduling of the energy spend and utilization to make sure energy is being well managed. [5:14] 

Mr. Kildea shows how the energy analysis can be broken down into different subsystems to monitor overall energy spent. [6:41] 

Mr. Kildea shows ICONICS’ ability to track the efficiency of the building’s solar panels and to track whether the building is achieving net zero energy. [7:37] 

Mr. Kildea shows more traditional building control related equipment like air conditioner units and ends the session. [8:22]