Mr. Allister Monk Global Product Owner for Spirax Sarco steam specialty business explains the company’s business and how ICONICS products and teams are an integral part of the company’s success. This includes not only delivering what Spirax Sarco customers want and expect but also delivering on the company’s and its customers’ sustainability initiatives and goals.

Video Transcript

Mr. Alister Monk Global Product Owner for Spirax Sarco steam specialty business explains the company, its product and market. [0:00] 

Mr. Monk explains what the company’s customers know and want in term of its products and services. [0:52] 

Mr. Monk explains ICONICS pivotal role in how Spirax Sarco delivers to its customers. ICONICS provides the company with the foundation piece for IoT. [1:16] 

Mr. Monk explains how ICONICS allows the company to capture and use the data for real time insight. [1:41]  

Mr. Monk explains that ICONICS was the natural choice for the company due to its industrial automation experience and the heritage of its brands. [2:13] 

Mr. Monk adds that ICONICS lets the company think about the broader ecosystem working with Microsoft Azure environment so having the ability to seamlessly move between those different platforms is important. [3:07]  

Mr. Monk explains that ICONICS is essentially part of Spirax Sarco’s family as its teams work with ICONICS every day. [3:41]  

Mr. Monk explains the benefits of capturing data at scale and of not having to do physical inspections or have people go onsite. With ICONICS captures information in real time and displays it. This capability lets the company save precious resources and to direct these to where there are issues so moving from a reactive to predictive workflow. [4:17]  

Mr. Monk discusses Spirax Sarco’s approach and commitment to sustainability and how the company continually works to improving its customers’ energy efficiency. [5:18]  

Mr. Monk talks about the company’s journey to create an autonomous self-regulating steam system that adapt to its conditions and ends the session. [6:36]