When an application requires customization, it can be a time-consuming task for users unfamiliar with the software. In these situations, we recommend you purchase Quality Professional Services hours to work directly with our Applications Solutions engineers to receive the services of an expert team.

ICONICS Quality Professional Services go beyond problem solving; it is a collaborative effort between the customer and our Applications Solutions engineers, taking a holistic view of the solution and coming up with the most efficient way to achieve your goals.

Quality Professional Services may be purchased in conjunction with ICONICS SupportWorX Plan, and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Fees are charged at an hourly rate plus expenses. Possible uses for this service include:

• Proof-of-concept demonstrations
• Consultancy
• System design
• Startup assistance
• Custom and on-site training
• Scripting debugging and assistance
• Specification writing

For Professional Services, please contact ICONICS at (508) 543-8600 to speak with an ICONICS team member about how we can help.