Manufacturing production, monitoring, and management are heavily dependent on automation to provide consistent workflow and uniform quality. ICONICS software solutions streamline configuration with features for OEE metrics, quality monitoring, historian data, and asset-based organization.

SPC Quality Monitoring SPC Quality Monitoring

Quality Monitoring

Manage manufacturing production quality with native graphs and trends, as well as a native quality reporting product, Quality AnalytiX®. Quality AnalytiX enables operators, quality personnel, manufacturing engineers, and management to view quality SPC data and other production parameters impacting product quality.
Real-time Production Management Real-time Production Management

OEE Metrics

Monitor Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics to minimize wasted effort and expenses. Integrate real-time OEE metrics into manufacturing overview displays to provide a comprehensive view of production efficiency.
Industrial Automation Management Industrial Automation Management

Asset-based Organization

Organize and manage enterprise-wide assets with ICONICS AssetWorX™. AssetWorX contains all properties, equations, commands, and operations available, as well as a graphical hierarchy template to visualize and provide insight for all integrated assets.  
Factory Reporting Factory Reporting


As a fully integrated reporting module, ReportWorX™64 pushes data into report spreadsheets using the power of Microsoft Excel. Its advanced scheduling engine delivers reports automatically via the web, from an HMI screen, or based on user-specified criteria.

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