International Union of Operating Engineers

The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) is an advanced trade union with a fundamental mission to represent a diverse group of heavy operators and stationary engineers within the construction, pipeline, facilities management, and environmental industries and mechanics, surveyors, building and maintenance operators for industrial complexes, and public employees from many areas. Along with its major responsibilities, the organization manages and operates the IUOE International Training & Education Center (ITEC) that supports over 100 local training and apprenticeship programs to guarantee that its members remain expertly skilled, productive, and safe. IUOE chose the ICONICS GENESIS64 ™ HMI/ SCADA to both efficiently operate and manage its ITEC facility and train its members. Moreover, ITEC facility is able to deliver superior training and education especially since students can learn from a real system with real-time data from real equipment and not limited to a lab setting.