Notice of Certificate Updates for IoTWorX and Azure IoT Hub

IoTWorX users may want to check their devices now to ensure compatibility with Azure IoT Hub certificate updates that start June 1, 2022.

Security Update | Published: 4/4/2022

Microsoft's Azure IoT Hub will be updating its certificates starting June 1, 2022, switching from Baltimore CyberTrust CA root to DigiCert Global G2 CA root.

Since IoTWorX leverages Azure IoT Hub for communication, this change may affect IoTWorX users. Most IoTWorX devices should receive the new certificates via automatic operating system updates, but it is suggested that users verify that their devices include the new certificate root.

To verify or install the new certificates to your IoTWorX devices, follow one of the links below based on the operating system of your edge device and check that your device’s certificate store contains both the Baltimore and Global G2 roots. For a seamless transition, users should aim to do this starting June 1, 2022.