IoT Alliance Partner - Lenovo

ICONICS and Lenovo have partnered to create innovative IoT gateway solutions for a variety of verticals, including manufacturing and smart cities.

About the Partnership

The ICONICS/Lenovo partnership is driven by a common goal: To enable and help customers embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) for their digital transformation. The results are increased operational/energy efficiency, asset uptime and management, and productivity. Through this working partnership, ICONICS and Lenovo provide a full fledge edge computing platform for IoT applications for the energy, smart buildings and industrial automation markets.

Solution Applications

  • Building Automation
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial Automation
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Energy Management

Bridging On-premise and Cloud Communications

ICONICS IoTWorX™, installed onto Lenovo IoT gateways, provides the bridge between an on-premises communications network and a cloud-based communications network and analytics. The IoTWorX gateway offers several key IoT technologies, including rich connectivity (OPC, OPC UA, SNMP, Modbus, Ethernet I/P, MQTT Broker and Web Services), secure cloud communications (AMQP, MQTT, HTTPS), store and forward of collected data, and built-in real-time visualization and analytics, and most importantly, remote management.

Better and Smarter Together

From this video, you can learn more about how ICONICS, paired with Lenovo ThinkEdge devices, deliver building management efficiencies and savings.

With simple setup and configuration, users can easily create remote monitoring and analytics solutions that meet their innovative business requirements for collaboration and shared insight across widely dispersed assets.

ICONICS IoTWorX is a Lenovo Certified Solution

The ICONICS IoTWorX platform, along with Lenovo Gateways, supports building management and industrial automation applications, among many others, by securely bridging the gap between locally connected edge devices and remote platforms.

This is all accomplished using industry-standard communication protocols that ensure maximum security, compatibility, and ease of deployment. KPIWorX, an optional related software tool from ICONICS, works alongside IoTWorX to deliver even more complex edge visualization and analysis capabilities.

Read more about the ICONICS/Lenovo partnership in our solutions guide 


ICONICS/Lenovo Solutions Guide

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IoTWorX™ offers manufacturers and facility managers several key IoT technologies, including rich connectivity to assets, secure cloud communications, and built-in realtime visualization and analytics.

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