No SPS 2021? No problem. We'll continue bringing automation software and digital transformation technology to our customers virtually.

Thinking back to March 2020, when everything shut down to abate the spread of COVID-19, we knew we were doing the right thing when we made the decision to take a hiatus from any in-person events. We made a pledge to keep the health and safety of our employees, customers, and partners our top priority in the wake of this new “common enemy”, which many days seems like so long ago, and yet at the same time, also seems just yesterday because of how this enemy keeps rearing its ugly head. Initially when we published this post, we were planning to attend The Smart Production Solutions (SPS) Trade Show in person, and were obviously very excited to finally see our customers in person, and talk face-to-face with them about their current operational challenges and corporate sustainability goals. However, with recent news of the increased surge in COVID cases in Germany and especially in Bavaria where SPS was to be held, and in the interest of the health and safety of our team, customers, and attendees, we decided not to participate in person. Ultimately our decision ended up being the right one as the trade show was officially cancelled on Friday, November 19.

However, as a testament to our resiliency and ability to adapt in the face of pandemic adversity, we are making ourselves available this week to still have those conversations with our customers and help them by providing the solutions and stories they were anticipating from our in-person attendance. If you are interested in such a conversation, all you have to do is reach out to us here.

ICONICS – Automating the Monitoring and Management of Systems

For a bit of background, the SPS trade show was aimed at "bringing automation to life" and "covering the entire spectrum of smart and digital automation" technology topics. In previous years, attending this show was a chance for ICONICS to discuss ideas with customers on how to address challenges their companies were facing. Now even though the show is cancelled this year, our excitement to help others with our solutions for connected factories, connected infrastructures, and connected fronts on sustainability is as strong as ever. And how can we help. Well first, it's important for you to understand what it is that we do.

We develop and license software to automate the monitoring and management of systems. We do this to help you reduce your operating costs, be more efficient, detect faults, improve overall equipment effectiveness, reduce response times, and so on. Our software is a specific measurable type of application that monitors devices, equipment, and environments to get the telemetry data. Once we are able to connect to all of the data sources, our software displays it in ways that are meaningful to you. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or what type of community you belong to; we have the tools to display the data to give you real-time information, real-time wisdom so you can make data-driven decisions. With this information, you can then diagnose what's wrong, what's happened, what's inefficient, and what corrective measures to take.

Staying Up to Date Is Imperative, and Fun

Advances in technology, no matter the application, occur at an incredibly fast pace. To stay competitive, it’s imperative to stay up to date and it’s fun too because you get to learn about all the amazing advances in technology. We’re eager get you up to speed on our latest automation software and digital transformation technology and to get you and your company on the road to operational efficiency and sustainability. It’s what we do.

Want to know more about the ICONICS Suite? Watch at your convenience an array of informative, interesting, and relevant sessions from ICONICS Connect 2021 or contact us through our website (