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The Hyper Historian is a versatile and robust Data Historian. This section introduces you to how it is organized, and how to configure it to start logging your data with minimal effort.

Overview of Hyper Historian

Hyper Historian is a high performance Process Data Historian available from ICONICS. It is deployed for a variety of applications to provide Process and MES data management and analytics . It is also deployed throughout the world as the core of Building Analytics solutions.

System Architectures with Hyper Historian

Hyper Historian is, by necessity, a flexible and configurable data historian. This video will highlight some of the common system architectures to integrate the product as a SCADA Data Historian or as a Building Data Historian.

Hyper Historian Logger Groups

A logging group defines all of the high-level properties related to how the Data Historian will log and archive its data.

Hyper Historian Collector Groups

A Collector group will define the sampling interval and point of collection for your data points. There will likely be several collector groups configured within a project.

Adding Tags to the Historian

How to add a new data point to be logged in the Historian, as well as common properties of that tag configuration. Tags can be configured to collect data from many sources such as OPC servers, BACnet objects, SQL Databases, and many others.