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Achieving Connectivity to ALL Systems – the #1 Challenge of Digital Transformation

Industrial organizations can achieve a connectivity solution that gives them the ability for all their disparate devices, for all their disparate hardware from all the different vendors to talk, thus establishing interoperability and reliable communication. This connectivity is achievable with one leading solution, the Takebishi DeviceXPlorer...

Industry 4.0 Fundamentals and Technical Innovations That Enable Digital Transformation

Keeping up with and understanding the technology and related terminology of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 (the fourth Industrial Revolution) might be daunting. However, if you're in industrial manufacturing or industrial processing, it’s important to know the basics and benefits of these. What follows is an explanation about...

ICONICS “Transforms” Its 2022 Worldwide Customer Summit - Transform 360

In the face of the continued pandemic health concerns, ICONICS has decided to make the responsible choice to “transform” our 2022 Worldwide Customer Summit, Transform 360. No longer an in-person conference in March, our event will now be in the form of informative webcasts and more intimate, regional workshops focusing on...

ICONICS Remains Resilient and Adaptive in the Face of Pandemic Adversity

Although the Smart Production Solutions (SPS) Trade Show 2021 has officially been cancelled due to a surge in COVID-19 cases in Germany, ICONICS remains resilient and adaptive in the face of this pandemic adversity. The team is ready to have those conversations with customers and help them by providing the solutions and stories they were...

ICONICS Connect 2021 Recap

Our ICONICS Connect 2021 hybrid event took place on Thursday, September 30th in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Our event included dynamic, interesting, and highly informative presentations providing in-depth insight into today’s automation software technology and digital transformation topics. A few key words from Connect 2021...

ICONICS Connect 2021 - Sharing the Know-How on Digital Transformation & Automation Technology

In our hybrid event, ICONICS Connect 2021: Inspiring Innovation for a New Era, we wanted you and your company to be the first to know what automation software technology is available and to know what...

Ensuring a Safe Return to the Office with Workspace AnalytiX

Every business has been forced to rethink how it conducts its operations, and office workers all over the world traded their cubicles for tables or desks in spare rooms and invested in home office upgrades to mirror their in-office setup. ICONICS solutions ensure that the safety needs of both building management and occupants are ...

Purifying Water and Wastewater Treatment SCADA Systems with ICONICS

Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District came to ICONICS in search of a new SCADA system that could not only translate their old system into the new system, but also be flexible and scalable to meet their growing needs. 

What’s New in 10.97

The recently released ICONICS Suite is packed with major enhancements across our entire portfolio, including our GENESIS64™ visualization and SCADA system, Hyper Historian™ rapid data historian, AnalytiX® data analysis, MobileHMI™ apps, and IoTWorX™ edge to cloud connectivity solutions. 

What Do End Users Want from Automation?

Mitsubishi Electric, ICONICS, CLPA, and the e-F@ctory Alliance are proactively building the foundation to provide our end users with a total integrated solution for digital transformation. I’ve encountered so many different types of automation requirements from end users over the years, and it has led me to ask, “What do end users...

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