Fault Detection and Monitoring

Predictive Software for Facilities Management

Facility AnalytiX® is a complete, ongoing commissioning software solution based on ICONICS’ advanced Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) technology, which significantly reduces costs and improves operational efficiency. Facility AnalytiX incorporates user customizable fault rules to report faults and failures. It also weighs the probability of equipment failure and advises personnel of immediate preventative actions that can be taken, improving safety, and optimizing energy savings.

Fault Detection and Monitoring
Asset Lifecycle Monitoring

Fault State Tracking

Provide better clarity into the lifecycle of faults for maintenance and operations leveraging fault state tracking. Log entries are made for each state of a fault’s lifecycle when it becomes active or inactive and when faults are resolved by technicians or engineers.

Asset Lifecycle Monitoring
Facility Performance Calculations

Performance Calculations

Leverage hundreds of performance calculations to monitor building metrics. An extensive library of standard HVAC and process equipment diagnostic models minimizes configuration, while a rules-based editor enables intuitive customization and new equipment diagnostic modeling.

Facility Performance Calculations

Product Features

Preconfigured Fault Rules

Leverage hundreds of fault rules for building equipment

Alarm Management

Minimize equipment downtime with actionable alarms

Monitor Faults

Monitor fault states with enhanced analysis

Optimize Facility Efficiency

Optimize the efficiency of facility operations

Vast Scalability

Scale across a single building or entire campus

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