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Go easy on the environment and your budget by measuring, controlling, and optimizing your energy consumption.

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What Is Energy Management Software?

Energy Management systems help to deliver rich platform and browser-independent real-time visualization of energy use. Such software can address any application from a single building to an entire campus or multi-site enterprise. Energy Management system software involves solutions to monitor, analyze and improve organizational assets. It helps to optimize energy usage of buildings and equipment. It can help identify energy-related efficiency issues in production processes. It also helps to simplify workflow for field operatives. With these software tools, users can create IT firewall-friendly, secure custom energy dashboards and kiosks to view reports for analysis of energy consumption patterns, resource usage, and progress on sustainability efforts. Site managers, building engineers or maintenance personnel can quickly and intuitively navigate energy-related data and discover opportunities for improvement.

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How Energy Management Works

ICONICS Energy Management tools provide open universal data connectivity and enterprise integration to a wide variety of BMS, SCADA, ERP, and control systems. They include built-in calculations, KPIs, analytics, data historian, reporting, and the rich visualization needed to take decisive action to reduce and manage utility costs and consumption.

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Benefits of Energy Management Software with ICONICS

  • Quick Deployment to Achieve ROI

    ICONICS Energy Management tools can be set up quickly. Integration with multiple existing meters, coupled with preconfigured charts, help to reduce the engineering time involved.

  • Realized Cost Savings Through Informed Decisions

    Organizations are looking for ways to reduce consumption, monitor conditions, lower energy costs, and minimize carbon emissions. Energy management software can compare and visualize energy costs.

  • Standard Cost, Consumption and Carbon Reports

    Charts can include Consumption (Electric, Wind, Solar, Steam, Gas, Water, Cogen), Costs (Electricity, Steam, Water, Gas), Conditions (Occupants, Equipment Runtime, Sun, Air Handling Unit, Zone Footage, OAT, Component Count), and Carbon (Carbon Dioxide, Methane).

  • Drill-downs into Causes of Abnormal Energy Use

    Asset-based management provides setup and configuration to any level of aggregation. Users can drill down to specific sources of energy efficiencies and locate suspected consumption offenders.

  • Integration with Existing Meter Types

    Compatibility with meter types from manufacturers in multiple energy-related categories (Electric, Wind, Solar, Steam, Gas, Water, Cogen) helps towards quicker configuration and ROI.

  • Wide Scalability

    ICONICS Energy Management Solutions can be scaled from a single building to an entire campus to an entire enterprise location portfolio to even an entire city.

Energy Management Software for Your Industry

  • Energy Management for Utilities and Energy

    Utilities and energy-based organizations understand how energy management and monitoring can affect the bottom line of their business. ICONICS Energy Management solutions can aid customers who are also energy suppliers themselves.

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  • Energy Management for Water and Wastewater

    Energy-related costs are a large portion of water and wastewater organizations’ annual budget. Energy management software can help to better quantify these costs to bolster efforts towards reduction and cost savings.

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  • Energy Management for Transportation

    Transportation organizations must consider facilities expenses along with their vehicles. Energy management software helps administrators understand the costs, consumption, and carbon output of facilities related to vehicle storage, maintenance and operations.

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  • Energy Management for Building Automation

    As modern buildings grow smarter, an energy management solution should be immediately considered in most building automation applications, allowing for a clear understanding of a building’s entire energy use and costs.

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  • Energy Management for Sustainability

    Organizations whose mission is to help other companies become more sustainable and environmentally responsible can use energy management software’s extensive dashboarding in order to demonstrate progress on energy-saving efforts.

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  • Energy Management for Manufacturing

    Cost-cutting is inevitable in any manufacturing operation, as organizations strive to make the best use of their investments. Measuring and managing manufacturing process energy use, can be a competitive advantage.

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Learn More About ICONICS Products

  • Scalable  •  Quick to Deploy  •  Efficient

    Increase efficiency and reduce consumption with Energy AnalytiX, an off-the-shelf Energy Management System to analyze your energy usage. Reduce your carbon footprint, visualize and identify your inefficient assets, and analyze trends with Energy AnalytiX.

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  • Fast  •  Robust  •  Reliable

    Hyper Historian is a high-speed plant historian that can connect to multiple data sources across your enterprise, such as OPC UA, BACnet, web services, and many more.  Our advanced calculation engine allows you to perform complex calculations and analyses.  Optional remote collectors can store and forward data to protect against network outages.  Loggers and collectors can be made redundant as well, providing even more peace of mind. 

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