Materials and Mining

Connect all assets of your process to track and visualize them from anywhere.

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Enhanced Visibility Into Your Operations

ICONICS' asset-based monitoring and control and intuitive mapping allow you to stay fully informed about your work sites and equipment, regardless of location. Drilling down into your assets to review their performance is fast and easy, and our advanced alarming and reporting give you deep insight into your production. With increased visibility into your operations, you will be empowered to make faster, more effective decisions.


Informed, Connected Mining

The mines of the future will heavily rely on data and analysis; with ICONICS you can achieve this future today. Sensors, equipment, and user inputted data are all intuitively connected on central dashboards, giving you the most comprehensive view possible into your operation.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

“ GENESIS was selected for this project due to its ease of use for creating graphics and strong integration with Microsoft products. ”

Anil Baila, Sr. Systems Engineer  |  ABB Foundry Group

See What Our Customers Are Saying

“ ICONICS has been a very powerful and effective solution for Metal Trade Comax’s data mining and data aggregation needs. ”

Petr Hornof, Programming Engineer  |  ADAX s.r.o.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

“ Preciosa Ornela chose ICONICS’ GENESIS64™ due to its fast, user-friendly configuration, as well as for the opportunity to create user interfaces for all levels of our staff. ”

Pavel Beran  |  Preciosa Ornela, a.s.


Product Features


ICONICS applications have been tested and installed in the most secure environments. Role-based access ensures that specified assets, modules, or screens can only be viewed by defined users or clients. ICONICS' integration with Microsoft fortifies systems with seamless security compatibility with Active Directory.

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SPC Metrics

Visualize and interact with Statistical Process Control (SPC) metrics for all resource management and material production. Monitor systems to ensure stable processes and report instances of excessive variation.

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Native GIS Mapping

Create a geographical overview to monitor multiple locations while maintaining the ability to locate and drill into specific assets. Users can integrate with Bing Maps, Google Maps, and Esri to include additional GIS mapping features and data layers.

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Camera and Video Integration

Integrate closed-circuit television (CCTV) and video feed directly into SCADA displays for both monitoring and security.

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