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Ready to Transform your business? Join us for one (or all) of the sessions in our next webcast series, Transform 360, to obtain all the tools needed for a seamless digital transformation. Arm yourself with relevant and practical information on the latest technologies from leading industry experts, and stay ahead of your competition. Hear success stories and first hand experiences from our valued partners comprised of IoT Alliance providers, system integrators, OEM partners, and hardware providers.

Digital Transformation

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Reduce Engineering Time and Save Money in Water Applications

May 25, 2022

Break the mold of traditional SCADA and embrace the new model of asset-based design. The best SCADA systems use digital twins, digital replicas of physical assets, to bridge the gap between the world of things and the world of data. This session will introduce you to some best practices to design...

Utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) and Wearables to Streamline Operations

May 19, 2022

Augment your reality and interact with your equipment in ways you never thought possible. AR-enabled mobile devices combined with ICONICS Voice Machine Interface (VMI) technology can help bridge the gap between augmented reality and your HMI, making it easier for connected field service...

Easily Create Real-Time Dashboards for Your Industry

May 12, 2022

This session will give you tips and tricks on how to create powerful and informative dashboards. Empower your mobile workforce by creating responsive displays that work on any display, from desktops to phones. Design stunning dashboards for your infrastructure to roll up information to a high...

Implementing SPC for Operational Excellence in Discrete Manufacturing

May 10, 2022

Utilizing Statistical Process Control (SPC) in Discrete Manufacturing leads to better overall process quality, lower costs due to reduction of waste and scrap, and better understanding of process details and capabilities. We will be joined by Gary Grider, Senior IT Analyst and Systems Engineer...

What's the Hype About Big Data?

May 3, 2022

Store and analyze more data than ever with big data solutions. "Big Data" refers to extremely large sets of data that can be analyzed to reveal trends. In this session, you will learn how to collect and analyze vast amounts of data using Hyper Historian, send them to Azure Data Lakes, then...

Smarter Buildings for Sustainable Operations

Apr 28, 2022

The United Nations has defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 232 metrics around sustainability. ICONICS software is used for monitoring and improving many of these, primarily for the SDGs around Energy, Water, and Waste management. In this session we'll cover how the ICONICS...

Predictive Maintenance for Factory Automation Robots

Apr 21, 2022

ICONICS software enables manufacturers to shift from reactive to predictive maintenance for devices and equipment in all major industries, as well as providing data collection, alarm management, fault detection, historization, and visualization. In this session we'll take a deep dive into how...

Field Service Automation Improves Response Times

Apr 13, 2022

Field service is all about efficiency and response times. Increase your team's response times and streamline efficiency by making sure the best field worker gets notified when an alarm occurs. In this session, experience CFSWorX, ICONICS' connected field service solution. Learn how to integrate...

The Future of Work: Create Collaborative, Sustainable, & Connected Workplaces

Apr 7, 2022

Focusing on sustainability, while transitioning to a people-focused hybrid model, doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming, or in any way antithetical. Smart Building technology from ICONICS is effortlessly onboarding millions of commercial real estate square feet a year – giving tenants...

Make Better Decisions About Your Operations and Equipment with Digital Twins

Mar 24, 2022

In today's unpredictable climate, businesses need to rely on data-driven decisions to keep operations and equipment running smoothly and to stay profitable. That's where Digital Twins can help, by providing operations teams a way to orchestrate their systems as a single platform by creating...

OneView for Your Facility Operations

Mar 23, 2022

Enhance your facility's operations with centralized alarming and analytics, consolidated into consistent operational views to monitor and control all building systems. With a holistic unified view of all your technical systems, train staff only once, achieve faster alarm response and dispatch...

Leveraging Information Broker Technology for Responsive OT and IT Systems

Mar 16, 2022

The line between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) begins to blur as these two worlds converge. Leverage the ICONICS GENESIS64 suite, including BridgeWorX64, to create solutions like the Information Broker to seamlessly bridge that gap. Our guest speaker, David Powell...

Turn Untapped Data into Actionable Intelligence

Mar 10, 2022

Transform your data into intelligence by synthesizing information from multiple sources. Gain the ability to create custom dashboards and visualize your important KPIs in an interactive web interface. Take your analysis a step further by aggregating or filtering the data to drill into metrics for...

Learn from the SCADA Experts and Become a Power User

Mar 3, 2022

You picked the topics, so now it's time to hear from the experts! Join us and our partner, RSI Company, as we cover topics chosen by YOU, ranging from Bulk Asset Configurator to Smart Symbols, and all the advanced features you’ll want to know to level up your deployment skills to become a SCADA...

Hardening Your System Against Cyber Attacks

Feb 17, 2022

Hackers are an unfortunate part of today's technology landscape. Cyber-threats are everywhere, and every system is at risk of intrusion. This session will discuss how users can harden their systems against cyber-attacks by leveraging the enhanced security features of the ICONICS Product Suite...

Achieving Magical Gains In Manufacturing Efficiency

Feb 10, 2022

Stop guessing at what you could be doing to improve your product quality; start using data to inform your actions. In this session, we will show you how to use ICONICS solutions to achieve operational excellence by implementing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). We will equip you with...

Native Communications to Mitsubishi Electric Controllers

Jan 25, 2022

Included with our newest ICONICS Suite 10.97.1 release, the Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation (FA) Connector significantly eases the process of connecting to and communicating with Mitsubishi Electric devices. Featuring network discovery and rapid auto-configuration functionality complete...

Digital Transformation: Connecting to Everything Through Takebishi Device Drivers

Jan 20, 2022

Takebishi OPC Servers, a leading source of multi-vendor connectivity, are available through ICONICS. This Webinar will discuss the breadth of connectivity and the competitive advantages of this OPC technology. Register to watch live, or at your leisure.

ICONICS Suite Version 10.97.1 Improves Operational Performance

Jan 19, 2022

Version 10.97.1 features major enhancements across ICONICS’ multiple automation software offerings including GENESIS64 visualization and SCADA system, Hyper Historian rapid data historian, AnalytiX data analysis, MobileHMI apps, and IoTWorX cloud connectivity solutions. In this session, we’ll be...