System Integrator Program

System Integrators have the required application expertise and project management skills to deliver quality automation software solutions to our customers. 

About the Program

ICONICS works with System Integrators who have the vertical application knowledge our customers need and the management processes and financial resources to meet the requirements of the largest projects. ICONICS develops System Integrators who are in close proximity to customer plants and buildings.

In order to help customers select the right System Integrator for their ICONICS solution delivery needs, ICONICS has established a multi-level SI program to promote and differentiate its System Integrator Program members (SIPs) that have invested in training and have a proven history of delivering quality solutions using ICONICS products. SIP membership is offered as an annual subscription through local sales channels, and directly with ICONICS in circumstances where there is no suitable ICONICS channel in the local area.

Certification Levels

The ICONICS System Integrator program is segmented into three tiered levels: Enrolled, Certified, and Gold Certified. Enrolled Member is the entry level. SIPs may advance to the Certified Partner or Gold Partner levels through a combination of employee training and certification, along with documented project delivery experience. The Certified and Gold Partner levels recognize firms that have made the commitment to build out their ICONICS delivery capabilities. ICONICS maintains strong relationships with its System Integration Partners to ensure they have the information, training and support critical to the delivery of ICONICS solutions.

Enrolled Members receive a number of technical support benefits and development licenses. Enrolled Members are authorized to resell ICONICS products with Warranty and Sub-License privileges, as outlined in the SIP Program Agreement. Partner Level Certification is available to Enrolled Members by earning points, as described in the System Integrator Partner Program Guide.

Membership Benefits

Enrolled Member

Enrolled Members receive the following benefits:

  • Technical Support from ICONICS’ Global Support Centers via phone, e-mail, and web
  • Access to the ICONICS Online Knowledge Database
  • Free Training seats offered each year
  • Newsletters and technical bulletins
  • Privilege to resell SupportWorX Plans to end customers
  • Configuration and Runtime Licenses (for the SIP Plan Enrollment Options selected)
  • Enrolled SIP Certificate

Certified Partner

Certified Partners receive all the above benefits of an Enrolled Member, plus:

  • Business profile on ICONICS’ System Integrator Partner Directory 
  • 3 Free Training seats provided each Agreement Year in ICONICS Offices
  • Access to Special Pricing on ICONICS products
  • Invitations to participate at ICONICS events
  • Use of ICONICS Certified Partner Logos
  • Certified SIP Certificate

Gold Certified Partner

Gold Certified Partners receive all the above benefits of a Certified Partner, plus:

  • Press Release on ICONICS Website
  • Premier position and logo on ICONICS’ SIP Directory and Partners web pages
  • 6 Free Training seats provided each Agreement Year in ICONICS Offices
  • Annual Renewal fees waived
  • Up to 10 Software Development Keys
  • Gold Certified SIP Certificate

Certification Requirements

The following are Qualification Requirements for SIP Membership Enrollment. Companies that do not meet these criteria are not eligible to enroll in the SIP Program:

  1. The Company’s primary business is integration of automation or information systems.
  2. Company completes an SIP Company Profile Form.
  3. Company commits to train company personnel on ICONICS Products.
  4. Company has no overriding or superseding agreement with ICONICS (i.e. OEM, Representative, Distributor or Reseller).
  5. Annual Subscription Fees are paid in full.

Qualifying for Certification Levels

Certification is based on achievements in continuing education on ICONICS products for the System Integrator staff and successful project implementations. The table below indicates the value that must be obtained for each certification level. 

Certification Level Trained Engineers Trained Salespersons Reference Sites
Certified 2 1 1 in previous 18 months
Gold Certified 5 2 2 in previous 18 months
1 success story

Trained Personnel

Trained personnel include i) technical or engineering personnel who have successfully completed at least one official ICONICS GENESIS64 or AnalytiX training course in the prior 18 months; and ii) sales personnel with a working knowledge of ICONICS marketing materials who are competent to present, propose and price ICONICS Products and who have attended at least one ICONICS Sales training event in the prior 18 months.

Reference Sites

A reference site is defined as a fully operational customer installation of ICONICS GENESIS64 or AnalytiX products. ICONICS will contact the customer to verify the references. The customer must be satisfied with the installation.  All reference sites must be registered via email to

Success Story

A Success Story is published by ICONICS describing a successful installation with a registered reference site customer.  Any such customer must agree in writing to be accessible for a reasonable number of inquiries from ICONICS.  

Interested in becoming a System Integrator Partner?