Security at ICONICS

At ICONICS, we strive to build products to meet the highest standards for security that our customers trust in their critical operations.

Security-Minded Solutions

ICONICS products have a history of installation in extremely critical and secure applications and allow customers to operate their industrial, manufacturing, and mission-critical facilities utilizing the latest security technologies and protocols, as well as operational best practices. Additionally, ICONICS extensive use of OPC Unified Architecture security model secures communications, and its encryption ensures that data security is held to the highest standards.

Security Updates

To ensure the best protection, ICONICS provides patches for any discovered vulnerabilities with the utmost priority.

Security Vulnerability Reporting

ICONICS works with members of the independent security research community who find vulnerabilities so that security fixes can be issued to all customers.

Questions or Concerns?

Have any general questions or concerns about security? Get in touch with a member of our security team.

Leading Security Standards

ICONICS uses encryption, certificate authentication, user and system encrypted passwords, and obfuscation to provide the highest level of security demanded for today’s systems. ICONICS employs a multi-step review process across many phases of the software development lifecycle and utilize a multi-phase development lifecycle that includes unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and performance testing. Security testing is conducted on a per-feature basis for new functionality, including stress tests for security and controls.

Additionally, ICONICS employs tight security measures during the development stage by protecting its code digitally and requiring specific credentials to access different parts of the code. The ICONICS development team also maintains and regularly reviews a security threat model for the ICONICS software. ICONICS also offers a secure option on its product installations that provides a locked-down and secure environment. Lastly, for ease of installation, ICONICS makes any system extremely flexible for the system administrator so that all system-to-system and system-to-client interface parameters can be adjusted to work within a customer’s secure infrastructure.

Latest Security News

ICS-CERT Advisory Issued, July 2022

Security Update | ICONICS | July 21, 2022

ICS-CERT has worked with ICONICS to issue an advisory disclosing several vulnerabilities in the ICONICS Suite software, including those reported at ZDI’s Pwn2Own Miami 2022. Learn about the mitigation recommendations for these vulnerabilities.

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Gmail Updates Require ICONICS Software Reconfiguration

Security Update | ICONICS | July 19, 2022

Changes to Gmail have caused incompatibilities with ICONICS software that include CFSWorX, AlertWorX and AlarmWorX64 Multimedia products. To restore compatibility, use an “app password” or upgrade in order to configure OAuth 2.0.

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ICONICS Targeted in Ethical Hacking Competition

Security Update | ICONICS | April 28, 2022

ICONICS was one of several companies targeted in the Pwn2Own Miami 2022 competition sponsored by the Zero Day Initiative. ICONICS was pleased to have the opportunity to participate again in this year's event. This statement addresses our commitment to openly and transparently addressing the findings from the event.

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Latest Security Blog Articles

ICONICS Has Its Customers’ Backs Through Continued & Proactive Security Investments

May 16, 2023

Kyle Reissner, ICONICS Director, Product Management Engineering, reassures customers and users that ICONICS has invested and will continue to invest and to be proactive in the security of its automation software and systems. He explains how...

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How to Solve Water Industry Challenges with Automation Technology and SCADA Solutions

June 3, 2022

Today, more than ever, the water industry faces serious challenges with an extremely outdated infrastructure and a lack of emergency preparedness and future resiliency. To know about the current prevalent challenges the water industry is facing...

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How ICONICS Gained Crucial Security Insights Through the Pwn2Own Miami 2022 Ethical Hacking Competition 

April 28, 2022

Sponsored by the Zero Day Initiative, Pwn2Own Miami 2022 ethical hacking competition took place last week. Ethical hackers, or “security researchers...

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