Streamline Field Service Operations and Reduce Downtime

CFSWorX™ is a solution designed to streamline the efficiency of field service organizations through intelligent scheduling and reliable notifications. It empowers field service workers and maintenance personnel to move past the legacy break/fix model toward more proactive facilities and equipment management. This enables organizations in any industry to reduce downtime and lower maintenance costs. CFSWorX provides a video expert capability, making it possible for a remote field worker to instantly be connected to subject matter experts anywhere in the world.

Real-Time Intelligent Monitoring

CFSWorX provides real-time monitoring of connected equipment, whether that be on-premises or via the Internet of Things. CFSWorX uses intelligent workflow technology to determine which field worker is best for the maintenance task. When connected equipment generates an alert, CFSWorX sends a notification to the field worker’s mobile device for immediate action. The worker is provided with information about the alert, including its location, can accept or reject the alert, and can also create a work order in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other business systems directly from their mobile device.

Escalation and Accountability

CFSWorX leverages ICONICS AlertWorX™ technology to send notifications to technicians via email, SMS, or through the ICONICS MobileHMI app via push notifications. When the technician receives the alert, he or she can reply to the message or use the mobile app to either accept, snooze, or pass the alert to the next person. Within the CFSWorX app, technicians can view and acknowledge the current alarms.

CFSWorX integrates with popular ERP, CRM, and Directory Services tools, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, IBM Maximo, ServiceNow, and Azure Active Directory. It can retrieve information about worker contact info and scheduled availability from these systems. Users can also generate work orders for any of the aforementioned systems from the CFSWorX app.

Product Features

Workflow-based escalation

Comprehensive audit trail

Notifications via email, SMS, or mobile app

Real-time monitoring and remote expert capability

Field service worker prioritization system

Integrates with popular CRM systems and Active Directory

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