IoT Alliance Program

ICONICS delivers the right software, and we’re seeking IoT partners for the right hardware.

Gain Success with ICONICS

IoT Alliance Partners offer IoT gateway hardware to serve our growing market. ICONICS Software is combined with IoT Alliance Gateway products to deliver the ideal solution for cloud based remote asset monitoring and analytics. 

How Does ICONICS Software Work with IoT?

ICONICS customers are looking for IoT solutions that easily connect their buildings, machines and manufacturing facilities to the cloud. To address that need, the ICONICS IoTWorX™ software application suite runs on our recommended IoT gateway devices.

IoTWorx includes onboard industry specific protocols such as BACnet, Modbus TCP/IP, OPC, Web Services, etc. Ready-to-go communications provide instant connectivity to the cloud, delivering rich visualization, analytics, and mobile applications. ICONICS works to foster IoT opportunities with IoT Alliance Program Gateway Partners to provide integrated solutions to address cutting-edge applications in energy, smart buildings and industrial automation markets.

Our IoT Alliance Partners

Become an IoT Alliance Partner

ICONICS works with IoT Alliance Program Partners to create a fully-tested IoT gateway solutions that are ready for customer purchase and deployment. Some of the benefits that the ICONICS IoT Alliance Program offers include:

Ready-to-use IoT gateways with recommended configurations

Recommended configurations for vertical markets 

Smarter Gateways delivering Edge analytics and visualization

Gateway extensibility to address custom applications

Leveraging secure, real-time, site-to-cloud communications 

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