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What is a Data Historian?

A data historian allows users to collect a vast amount of real-time and business data to transform operations with insight into trends, patterns and equipment performance. Modern process historians provide distributed, scalable historical databases that can integrate with enterprise IT big data systems. Optional cloud integration allows users to take advantage of large data storage volume options without sacrificing expected retrieval speed or resiliency.

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How Data Historians Work

Using a data historian provides organizations with the ability to benefit and learn from their accumulated information. Modern data historians need to be able to capture a vast amount of data at high speeds and also recall that same data with the same quickness for comparisons to real-time or more recent data, using integrated trending and reporting tools. Integrating systems with a rapid, robust data historian can be also benefit other connected applications including those involving quality analysis/SPC.

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Benefits of Data Historians with ICONICS

  • Unparalleled Performance

    Hyper Historian uses an advanced Swinging Door data compression algorithm for high-speed data collection. A unique automatic archiving feature allows for routine/triggered data archive scheduling.

  • Works On Premises or In the Cloud

    Users can opt to integrate their ICONICS data historian with cloud services providers, such as Microsoft Azure, for maximum scalability and reliability.

  • Rapid Collection from Dispersed Data Points

    Hyper Historian is a 64-bit, distributed, enterprise-wide solution that utilizes remote collectors, which share ICONICS’ universal connectivity and integrate with OPC-UA, BACnet and SNMP protocols.

  • Configure Complex Calculations

    An integrated Performance Calculations Engine can be triggered periodically or on any data change event, using flexible date/time, mathematical, string, and historical data retrieval functions.

  • Data Integrity via Merging

    An included Data Merging module allows for automatic or manual insertion of data, ensuring that all data gets included, even after a network disruption.

  • Microsoft SQL Server Integration

    ICONICS data historians integrate with Microsoft’s SQL Server, making them the most efficient, real-time plant historians for any Microsoft operating system.

Data Historians for Your Industry

  • Historian for Sustainability

    A data historian is useful in sustainability or other environmentally focused initiatives. It can provide the benchmarks towards improvements in areas such as energy or carbon footprint reduction, maintenance consolidation and more.

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  • Historian for Manufacturing

    A manufacturing customer’s data is one of their most precious assets. A data historian provides the high-speed archiving and retrieval to make best use of an organization’s treasure trove of process data.

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  • Historian for Building Automation

    Using a data historian in building automation applications helps set conditions and calculations to compare daily and provide a measurement for improvement.

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  • Historian for Government and Military

    Many government and military applications require a searchable record of operations. An ICONICS data historian provides a fast, secure means of archiving and retrieval.

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  • Historian for Food and Beverage

    A robust data historian is a necessity in the Food and Beverage industry, where quality and yields are constantly measured and used for comparison on an on-going basis.

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  • Historian for Oil and Gas

    Oil and Gas customers can utilize a data historian within the multiple aspects of their business for trending and reporting within applications such as drilling, site maintenance, pipelines, distribution, transportation and more.

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Learn More About ICONICS Products

  • Fast  •  Robust  •  Reliable

    Hyper Historian is a high-speed plant historian that can connect to multiple data sources across your enterprise, such as OPC UA, BACnet, web services, and many more.  Our advanced calculation engine allows you to perform complex calculations and analyses.  Optional remote collectors can store and forward data to protect against network outages.  Loggers and collectors can be made redundant as well, providing even more peace of mind. 

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  • Versatile  •  Integrated  •  Timely

    Schedule and run powerful reports with ReportWorX64. Design templates in Excel and leverage Excel formulas, charts, and formatting. See live data directly in the template, then schedule the report to be delivered to your mailbox right when you need them. Trigger reports on demand from your HMI, in response to system alerts, when records appear in your database, and more. Report on a wide variety of data sources, from OPC UA, databases, BACnet, SNMP, web services, and beyond.

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