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Modernize your workplace to achieve today’s technology-driven office and work environments with ICONICS Intelligent Building Software Stack.

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What is a Digital Workplace?

Digital workplaces are technology-driven work environments that provide employees with seamless interactive workplaces for enhanced wellbeing, collaboration, and productivity. These smart workplaces are fundamental to truly caring for your employees and attracting and keeping top talent. 

ICONICS’ IBSS Brings Your Workplace into the Future

These are exciting times with the evolution of work models and digital workplaces. And technology such as ICONICS’ Intelligent Building Software Stack (IBSS) has a major role to play. ICONICS’ IBSS provides incredible workplace augmentations including:

  • Personalized & work wellness experience 
  • Digital room information 
  • Space control/booking 
  • Colleague finding & wayfinding 
  • Collaborative workflow setup 
  • Visitor management 

A Digital Workplace at Your Fingertips

ICONICS’ IBSS allows for convenient, comfortable, and safe work environments for elevated collaboration and productivity. Our software caters to the needs of modern companies and employees who seek the utmost in a workplace, one that provides intelligent capabilities at their fingertips.

Why ICONICS Software for Digital Workplaces?

ICONICS software is scalable to accommodate future deployments and technologies, key to addressing your building challenges, today and in the future.  Create connected, comfortable, and delightfully consistent spaces for your people. Buildings are no longer only somewhere we go to do our daily work—they are assets for attracting, retaining, and empowering talent.

Features of ICONICS IBSS

  • Workplace Insights

    ICONICS leverages data, so you know in real-time your building services, individual workplaces, and people. You will be able to inspire enhanced collaboration, productivity, and wellbeing and to make sure your workplaces suit your way of working. 

  • Comfort & Control

    With ICONICS, you can manually change temperature setpoints, adjust in-room blind settings, arrange lighting modes, and more. With this capacity, you can ensure comfortable pleasant spaces that top talent seeks. 

  • Booking Desks & Scheduling Spaces 

    ICONICS Roamer lets you book desks and schedule spaces suitable for your purpose. Follow the app structured search functions for space, colleague, amenity and equipment finding to  arrange the most comfortable and productive meetings. 

  • Wayfinding & Colleague-Finding

    ICONICS Roamer lets you directly find you way around your workplace. Our dynamic maps guide you through our smart-in-building navigation. And with ICONICS mylocation IBSS engine, you can easily and quickly find colleagues and their workplaces. 

  • Mobile Access Control

    Gone are the days of lost key cards, worn ID badges and the onerous job of manually checking-in visitors. Acting as a seamless & secure contactless access control pass, Roamer can deliver smart access security from the convenience of your own phone.

  • Catering

    Provide that extra jazz to your meetings with the capability to pre-order catering. With a click of a button when you book a meeting room, you can also be sure you and your team have your coffee, croissants, and other delectables at the right time and place.  

How a Digital Workplace Works

Digital workplaces use technology or digital tools to make interactive work environments that promote increased employee engagement, flexible and agile workflows, and enhanced information sharing and communication. Digital workplaces are the next level of workspaces that empower and encourage employees to excel.  

How Digital Workplaces Works Diagram Part 1

See What Our Customers are Saying

“ The implementation of the ICONICS Suite of applications allows us to optimize operational efficiency and keep an eye on energy costs. We use the real-time dashboards as part of our Advanced Building Automation Curriculum. Previously we relied on static data and theoretical concepts, but now we’re able to show real-time data in a dynamic environment.  ”

Dean Tallman, Chief Information Officer  |  International Union of Operating Engineers

See What Our Customers are Saying

“ Our conversations have changed. Before, the calls we got were about buildings being too hot or too cold, or about work orders. Now we’re talking about data points and building faults and energy usage. We’re seeing efficiencies that we never even contemplated when we started this journey. ”

Darrell Smith, Director of Facilities and Energy  |  Microsoft