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ICONICS Releases Version 10.97.2 of ICONICS Suite

Press Release | ICONICS | July 13, 2022

ICONICS releases version 10.97.2 of the ICONICS Suite with Microsoft Teams messaging, Hyper Alarm Logger™ data export, tools to import MELSOFT projects, easier secure installation, and more.

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ICONICS joins Microsoft’s BuildFor2030 initiative

Industry Article | Technology Record | July 6, 2022

Besides being a launch partner for Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, ICONICS contributes to building a more sustainable future by participating in Microsoft’s BuildFor2030 initiative.

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Shaping a sustainable future

Industry Article | Technology Record | July 6, 2022

As a long-standing Microsoft partner, ICONICS was proud to co-exhibit in Microsoft’s booth at Hannover Messe 2022 to demonstrate sustainable industrial digitalization solutions. ICONICS also demonstrated its robot cloud maintenance solution which was developed in collaboration with parent company Mitsubishi Electric.

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Partner perspectives

Industry Article | Technology Record | July 6, 2022

Josh Obal ICONICS Senior Software Engineering Supervisor explains how ICONICS’ CFSWorX solution addresses manufacturing and process industries' major concerns for how best to preserve workforce knowledge and provide ongoing employee training for work value enhancement.

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ICONICS Wins 2022 Microsoft IoT Partner of the Year Award

Press Release | ICONICS | June 28, 2022

ICONICS today announced it has won the 2022 Microsoft Internet of Things (IoT) Partner of the Year Award. The company was honored among a global field of top Microsoft Partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

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Development of New GENESIS64 Web First and Cloud SCADA Software

Press Release | ICONICS | June 6, 2022

ICONICS announces its registration with the European Union's Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness.

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ICONICS Targeted in Ethical Hacking Competition

Security Update | ICONICS | April 28, 2022

ICONICS was one of several companies targeted in the Pwn2Own Miami 2022 competition sponsored by the Zero Day Initiative. ICONICS was pleased to have the opportunity to participate again in this year's event. This statement addresses our commitment to openly and transparently addressing the findings from the event.

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Partner Perspective

Industry Article | Technology Record | April 13, 2022

In support of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation unveiled its SUSTIE building in October 2020 with the purpose to conduct research and demonstrate technology that can save energy and improve occupants’ health and comfort.

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