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10.97 Critical Fixes Rollup 3 Released

Software Release | ICONICS | January 28, 2022

Critical Fixes Rollup 3 for 10.97 is now available for download.

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10.97.1 Critical Fixes Rollup 1 Released

Press Release | ICONICS | December 20, 2021

Critical Fixes Rollup 1 for 10.97.1 is now available for download.

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ICONICS Not Subject to Apache Log4j Vulnerability

Security Update | ICONICS | December 16, 2021

ICONICS software and websites are not affected by the Apache Log4j vulnerability disclosed in December of 2021.

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Mitsubishi Electric Automation, ICONICS, and Dispel Announce Integrated Secure Remote Access Solution for Industrial Automation Systems

Press Release | ICONICS | November 15, 2021

ICONICS and Mitsubishi Electric Automation clients can upgrade to conform with newly released U.S. cyber resilience and fault tolerance standards for remote access to operational technology, thanks to Dispel's integrated Moving Target Defense-based remote access solution.

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ICONICS Releases Version 10.97.1 of ICONICS Suite

Press Release | ICONICS | November 9, 2021

ICONICS releases version 10.97.1 of the ICONICS Suite with new Hyper Alarm Logger™, MQTT Sparkplug connectivity, technical previews of BACnet with Secure Connect and HTML5 3D displays, and more new features.

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Expediting IoT projects

Industry Article | The Record | October 21, 2021

In a recently published e-book co-developed with Microsoft, we showcase ICONICS IoTWorX, illustrating how it takes the guesswork out of implementing internet of things (IoT) applications by offering connectivity, powerful visualisation, edge analytics, and data storage to help organisations easily implement internet of things applications.

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New Heights for the Cloud - Partner Perspectives

Industry Article | The Record | October 21, 2021

Our edge to cloud solution unifies disparate data sources across the value chains, addresses industry-specific use cases, and delivers solutions improving production quality, efficiency, and value. Aligning ourselves closely with Microsoft empowers our customers to leverage the lessons learned from others' digitalisation journeys.

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Objective: Sustainability - Partner Perspectives

Industry Article | The Record | October 21, 2021

Our IoT and cloud-ready solutions let our customers see energy flows, carbon expenditures, even the probability of equipment failure – and empower operators and managers to act on their insights in real time. By collecting and visualising telemetry data, manufacturers get visibility into every single endpoint that uses or affects natural resources.

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