Success Stories

ABB Foundry Group

ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enables utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering their environmental impact. Operating in around 100 countries, ABB has thousands depending on them, and installed ICONICS HMI/SCADA solution for its OPC Alarm Management software, reliability and overall efficiency.

AES Wind Generation

AES, an international power company in California, specializes in power generation, utilities and renewable energy. After an exhaustive search, AES found ICONICS GENESIS64™ and Hyper Historian™; a complete HMI/SCADA and Data Historian solution that met all of their renewable energy management goals.

AFV Beltrame S.p.A.

The Beltrame Group, a European leader in commercial rolled steel section production, needed an HMI/SCADA software to manage its plants, lower engineering costs/development time, and integrate with existing Microsoft technology. Paired with existing Allen Bradley PLCs and Microsoft SQL Server, ICONICS' solution can handle thousands of tags and I/O points.

Aksa Natural Gas Distribution, Inc.

Aksa Natural Gas Distribution, Inc. headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, is a natural gas distributor subsidiary of Kazanci Holding, operator of multiple power generation, natural gas distribution, energy generation, and electricity distribution and sales companies throughout Turkey. Aksa chose the ICONICS platform for its automation system for its...

Ameren Callaway Plant

Ameren, Missouri’s largest electric utility, needed a replacement for a legacy solution no longer supported after the year 2000. After reading about ICONICS, Ameren selected ICONICS HMI/SCADA software for its remote access to inline chemical analyzer readings and alarming.

Animal Health Care Co.

A leading manufacturer and distributor of animal healthcare products headquartered in North America found in ICONICS an HMI/SCADA industrial automation software system that could produce an accurate audit trail, had sequence checking, and was designed for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.

Arvin-Edison Water Storage District

The Arvin-Edison Water Storage District uses ICONICS HMI/SCADA software for monitoring water levels and pump motors. The ICONICS solutions are linked to Lundahl DC1003 level indicators, Delta Controls 551 pressure transmitters, AB soft-start controllers and GE Multiline PQMII power monitors and have resulted in greater safety and efficiency.

ATICS, Ltd./The Ceramic Factory

The Ceramic Factory is one of the leading suppliers of construction materials for this booming industry in Bulgaria. The Ceramic Factory installed ICONICS HMI/SCADA software, along with LogiSoft Ltd. for its superior visualization of the manufacturing processes and ability to integrate with existing VIPA PLCs and the KEP OPC Server for Siemens PLCs.

Attiki Odos Motorway

Attiki Odos Motorway, one of Europe’s most modern motorways, began searching for HMI/SCADA software that monitors air quality within tunnels. ICONICS software allows exterior airflow to keep tunnels clear of carbon dioxide, smoke and nitrogen oxide.

Autocesta Zagreb-Macelj Ltd.

Working with system integrator LED Elektronika Ltd., the Autocesta Zagreb-Macelj Ltd., part of a highway network in the Republic of Croatia located in the European traffic corridor connecting Croatian motorways with European motorway networks, was able to enhance the existing PrecisionX SCADA system on top of the ICONICS GENESIS64 SCADA. The resulting...

BAA Heathrow

At its opening, the T5 Terminal at the London Heathrow airport included over 50 different systems, producing a massive tag count of over 3 million, handled easily due to the robust nature of ICONICS HMI/SCADA software.

Badger Midstream

Badger Midstream, located in Houston, Texas, is a natural gas/natural gas liquids transportation, gathering and processing midstream company. It was founded to significantly improve the midstream value chain by working with customers to determine needs and provide real, creative, cost-effective, technical, results-oriented solutions.

Baliwag Water District

The Baliwag Water District (BWD) is a world-class water utility in Baliwag, Philippines that deployed the easy to use and scalable ICONICS suite to support their existing SCADA system, provide advanced monitoring, control, and reporting capabilities, and allow seamless implementation of their upgrade phases.

Beijing Traffic Control Center

Beijing Traffic Control Center uses ICONICS’ GraphWorX™ from the company’s HMI/SCADA software suite in order to provide a unified user interface within their monitoring and control center.

Blue Lagoon

The world-renowned tourist attraction the Blue Lagoon Iceland has been operating with the Idnadartaekni and ICONICS SCADA system for more than 30 years. Given the Blue Lagoon’s development and expansion, they upgraded their automation system from ICONICS GENESIS32 to GENESIS64 resulting in even greater visibility, monitoring, and control of all their...

Bohr Instrument Services

ICONICS’ HMI/SCADA software suite is installed on Bohr’s DRILL-PRO Total Drilling Information System, which is an extensive data acquisition system for oil and gas rigs. This system collects data in real time and monitors extreme forces on a drill bit.


Brézillon, an affiliate of Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de France, is an industrial civil engineering, construction management and rehabilitation company located in Margny-lès-Compiègne, in the Picardy region of France. Founded in 1920 by André Brézillon, it became the first construction company in Picardy in 1945, joining the Bouygues group in 1993.

Catania Oils

Catania Oils uses ICONICS automation software suite to leverage data for informational insight for plantwide visualization into production. The company monitors OEE and loss deployment to gain an even greater insight into the potential loss of efficiency resulting in improved production efficiency. Now, the company is focusing on the entire production...

Centre for Advanced Laser Applications (CALA)

The Centre for Advanced Laser Applications (CALA) in Garching, Germany uses ICONICS software to conduct top-notch laser research safely and efficiently, so international physicists, physicians, and biologists can advance the world’s laser technologies.  


CIAT decided it was time to investigate 64-bit monitoring systems that aligned with their values for innovation and sustainability and discovered ICONICS had exactly what they needed.

City of Cumberland Water/Wastewater

The City of Cumberland selected ICONICS HMI/SCADA software for its water/wastewater plant to enhance productivity and reduce overall operating costs. Installed and commissioned by Consolidated Electric, Inc., with ARK Systems, Inc. and O&M Engineering, KEPWare Modbus/TCP OPC Servers were installed to communicate with Schneider Electric M1E PLCs.

City of Enid

The City of Enid, Oklahoma, located 70 miles north of Oklahoma City, future-proofed their water operations by upgrading to 64-bit technology with GENESIS64™. The city’s water management services include production, distribution and reclamation.

City of Grapevine

The Historic City of Grapevine, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in North Texas, needed a monitoring software solution that could grow with them and found ICONICS as the most recommended and most reliable option to implement.

City of Lubbock Water Utilities Dept.

The Lubbock Water Utilities Department manages water collection, water and wastewater treatment. With a new water and wastewater HMI/SCADA software solution from ICONICS, installed by Wunderlich-Malec, all critical process variables are monitored and data is collected via OPC interfaces to give real-time data reports and alarms.

Cloud Europe

Based in Rome, Cloud Europe is a company specializing in the design and management of data centers to provide a cutting-edge service characterized by the highest standards of security and quality, a service aimed at organizations operating in the financial and insurance worlds and in general to all organizations that have business management as a...

Comau Pico

Comau Pico installed ICONICS’ HMI/SCADA software suite for its ease of use and 100% OPC-compliant capabilities at Ford Motor Company on the engine test stands, designed by Comau Pico. With the ICONICS software, Comau Pico runs air combustion tests and can record all data and trends to a historical database.

Congress Center Austria Center Vienna

The Congress Center Austria Center Vienna (ACV) in Vienna, Austria, is that country’s largest conference center, able to accommodate up to 20,000 people. Operators wanted to expand their building control options, paying particular attention to security, lighting, blinds, heating, and ventilation. ICONICS GENESIS64, with its extensive BACnet integration...

Continental AG

Continental AG, headquartered in Hanover, Germany, is the world’s fourth largest tire manufacturer. Founded in 1871 as a rubber manufacturer, the company now contains divisions handling brake systems, interior electronics, automotive safety, powertrain/chassis components, tachographs and additional parts for the automotive and transportation industries.

Contour Global Maritsa East 3

Maritsa East 3 Thermal Power Plant is the third largest power plant in Bulgaria and generates 30 percent of the country’s electricity. The ContourGlobal plant decided to become more energy efficient and enlisted the help of ICONICS HMI/SCADA software.


Serving the Marine, Oil & Gas, Energy, and Manufacturing industries, Converteam’s services are applied internationally and, therefore, require an HMI/SCADA system that has unparalleled connectivity, modularity and flexibility. After much searching, ICONICS software was successfully implemented.

Cork County

Cork County Council treats and supplies water to approximately 40,000 non-domestic customers and 100,000 homes across the county. With ICONICS GENESIS64™ HMI/SCADA software and System Integrator, Cully Automation, plant energy efficiency and energy management have increased while costs have decreased.

CSL Behring and CSL Limited

CSL Behring (along with CSL Limited and CSL Biotherapies) operates some of the world’s largest FDA-approved flu vaccine manufacturing facilities for the global market. CSL Behring worked with ICONICS to deploy a system where production data could be logged reliably and stored safely.

Cucamonga Valley Water District

The Cucamonga Valley Water District (CVWD) in California strives “to provide high quality, safe and reliable water and wastewater services, while practicing good stewardship of natural and financial resources.” In 2008, the CVWD embarked on a control system project intended to simultaneously retrofit an existing treatment facility and increase the...


Cyberlogic Technologies, Inc. is a leading independent supplier of industrial communication drivers and servers. The system uses ReportWorX™ to provide production shift reports, downtime analysis and traceability reports.

Dalmacijacement d.d.

Dalmacijacement d.d., of Kaštel Sućurac, Croatia is part of the CEMEX consortium, one of the top building materials companies in the world. They are the Croatian market leader in cement production and required a reliable and efficient system, which they received via ICONICS HMI/SCADA software and assistance from system integrator ECCOS inženjering.

Daubert Chemical

Daubert Chemical is a world leader in corrosion prevention, adhesives, sound dampening, and specialty coatings. To live up to its commitment to delivering the highest quality products and innovative solutions to its customers, the company wanted better insight and visibility into its operations to improve operational efficiency but also wanted to...


When handling 34,000 items or supplies for 700 retail stores like Dematic does, automation and visualization are key functions. Installing 120 ICONICS HMI/SCADA software systems across dozens of warehouses increased Dematic’s Energy Management and Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Department for Business, Innovation & Skills

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), formally The Department for Innovation, and Skills (BIS), is the department for business, science, and innovation within the UK Government.

Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn AG railways carry 1.8 billion passengers per year and needed a cost effective plan for keeping trains clean. ICONICS HMI/SCADA software was deployed for the most state-of-the-art train washing applications in the world.

Drago Forneria Genovese S.r.l.

Drago Forneria Genovese S.r.l., a family-run bakery known for their breadsticks, panettone, and crispy focaccia, is using ICONICS software suite for advanced state-of-the-art visibility into their plant machinery and processes: from programming and production to the packaging of their finished products.


Dynastar aimed to update the automation capabilities of its Sallanches location, a 28,000 square-meter facility producing over 300,000 skis per year. Its objectives for this project was to reduce energy consumption related to its manufacturing process, as well as implement a global visualization interface.

E.ON Trend s.r.o.

ICONICS provides a visualization and automation solution to six of E.ON’s hydro-powered electrical plants in the Czech Republic. With the output totaling 30 MW, the stations are monitored and controlled by a central control station up to 100km away.

East Coast Water/Wastewater Co.

East Coast Water & Wastewater Company worked with Bristol Babcock to install ICONICS workstations in 32 different plants and provide access to information for over 12,000 I/O points via 650 screens. ECWW now manages their entire operation with increased security, energy efficiency and energy management from one Central Control Room.

École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay

The École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay uses the ICONICS software suite for the centralized technical management of their buildings. The École can capture and use real-time data for improved visibility to all building systems, allowing the operations team to better monitor and control the school’s buildings for increased operational intelligence.


With facilities including both depleted reservoirs and salt caverns, ENSTOR relies on ICONICS HMI/SCADA software, implemented by Accelemetrics, Inc., to responsibly and safely receive, store and deliver natural gas, the cleanest burning fossil fuel.

Ente Autonomo Volturno

The Ente Autonomo Volturno (EAV) or the Volturnean Autonomous Agency, the Italian Campania public transport agency, manages the Naples ex-Circumvesuviana narrow-gauge network, the standard-gauge ex-SEPSA, and the ex-Alifana/ MetroCampania NordEst lines and operates the suburban railways, the Arcobaleno metro line, several bus lines, and a funicular...

Environmental Power Corporation (Microgy)

ICONICS helps Microgy efficiently manage their facilities that reliably produce clean, renewable gas from agriculture and food industry wastes. At Microgy’s corporate level, ICONICS’ WebHMI™ provides internal access and visibility to all sites.

Federation Tower/ARMO Group

Federation Tower asked ICONICS for an OEM version of their Web-enabled, OPC-integrated HMI/SCADA suite. Johnson Controls, Inc. utilized ICONICS technology within its building management system to increase the Federation Tower’s energy efficiency and manageability.


ICONICS’ software plays a critical and compelling role with respect to FLSmidth’s ability to remotely monitor their customers’ assets and in turn remotely support and manage asset alerts and notifications, so they can troubleshoot their customers’ operations. As a result, the company has reduced downtime and increased uptime and asset life for their...

Fort Collins Utilities

Fort Collins Utilities – Light & Power selected ICONICS OPC Web-enabled HMI/SCADA software suite during recent system upgrades to better serve their 65,000 customers over a 22 square mile service territory.

Fraîcheur de Paris

As the operator of the District of Paris’ cooling network, Fraîcheur de Paris worked with system integrator ACTEMIUM to replace the obsolete control system with ICONICS' HMI/SCADA system. The new advanced system offers additional functionality over the previous system, including web connectivity, improved database handling, and data mining/collection...

Fribourg Public Transport Infrastructure

Using ICONICS software, the Fribourg Public Transport Infrastructure (TPF INFRA) has developed a modern, scalable, simple, and ergonomic system that easily centralizes the control and monitoring of the transportation network. The system also provides both an operating tool that guides operators through alarm processing and a simulator to train...

Fuel Cell Energy, Inc.

A world leader in the development and manufacturing of high temperature hydrogen fuel cells for ultra-clean electric power generation, FuelCell Energy, Inc. uses ICONICS’ HMI/SCADA system for alarming, trending and historical data tracking.

General Energy Company

The Russian energy firm, working with a system integrator, selected ICONICS GENESIS64™ HMI/SCADA software to manage the data from four thermal power plant production branches with over 20,000 I/O points.

Hong Kong Marine Department

Over one thousand ships enter into or sail the port of Hong Kong daily. Because of this, ICONICS HMI/SCADA monitoring software was installed to control and monitor the performance and conditions of the newly installed radars and telecommunications equipment.


The Hyderabad plant in India worked with Nish Automation to install ICONICS GENESIS64™ HMI/SCADA software to meet new regulations, have real-time OPC tags, Historical Data Access, 2D and 3D graphics and trend charts, flexible reporting and the ability to interface with Microsoft SQL Server.

Hydrovision Ltd.

Hydrovision Ltd., with the implementation of ICONICS HMI/SCADA software, exceeded their goal of creating an open design ROV system that is fully saleable, easy to modify and increases manufacturing and energy efficiency. The software system is based on a hardware and software platform that will continue to evolve and be supported for many years to come.

ICONICS Customer Success Stories

IDRA Presse S.p.A.

IDRA Presse S.p.A., a leading producer of Die Casting Machines, needed a system that would increase energy efficiency and plant manageability, while also decreasing engineering time. The use of ICONICS HMI/SCADA software did this and allows IDRA to interface with four Siemens PLCs, one Allen Bradley PLC and over 500 I/O points with 300 tags.


InSinkErator selected ICONICS OPC Web-enabled HMI/SCADA software for manufacturing intelligence and business visualization. With the implementation of the ICONICS solution, InSinkErator now has over 20 graphical displays, uses a Matrikon OPC Server for connectivity, and has increased productivity and overall plant efficiency.

International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory

The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), working with Cofely GDF Suez (España), selected the ICONICS HMI/SCADA software suite for their new building management system integration project.

International Union of Operating Engineers

The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) is an advanced trade union with a fundamental mission to represent a diverse group of heavy operators and stationary engineers within the construction, pipeline, facilities management, and environmental industries and mechanics, surveyors, building and maintenance operators for industrial complexes,...

Kazakhstan Railway

Kazakhstan’s railroad combines about 14,000 kilometers of rails between 700 stations, but as electricity usage reform and increasing prices continue, the implementation of an Automation System of Control and consumption for Energy (ASCUE) became necessary and was found in ICONICS OPC-based software.

Kazan Metro

The Kazan Metro selected ICONICS’ Web-enabled, OPC-based HMI/SCADA suite for its control and visualization system, as well as the DataWorX™ component for OPC data aggregation, bridging, redundancy and tunneling. Now, Kazan metro is fully modernized and up-to-date.

Keokuk Municipal Water Works

Keokuk Municipal Water Works is responsible for providing its residential, commercial and industrial customers with a high-quality and reliable water supply. With the implementation of ICONICS HMI/SCADA software, Keokuk can now manage and control 105 miles of pipeline from one control room, making Keokuk more energy efficient and reliable.

KHS Maschinen

KHS implemented ICONICS HMI/SCADA software for their excellent international language switching technology. Graphic symbols, as well as trend and alarm applications, can be created once and reused internationally. The ICONICS Security Server provides a built-in security architecture that supports FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for optimum security.

Kista Science Tower

When the Kista Science Tower team entered planning stages, they knew they wanted a system that monitored and controlled elevators, lighting and HVAC along with cutting-edge graphics. After some research, ICONICS became the premier choice.

Lake Cities Municipal Utility Authority

Lake Cities Municipal Utility Authority (LCMUA), located in Lake Dallas, Texas, provides superior drinking water, fire protection and pressure, as well as maintains the goals within Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) standards in potable (drinking) water and sanitary sewer services.

Leciva a.s. Pharmaceutical

Leciva, a.s. Pharmaceutical is the largest pharmaceutical company in the Czech Republic. Leciva, a.s. has selected ICONICS HMI/SCADA software (running on a Siemens Simatic S7 OPC Server) to provide them with their pharmaceutical production management system.

LIIEC Oil Company

With over $100 billion in annual revenue, LIIEC counts on ICONICS' HMI/SCADA system in order to help them efficiently develop vital energy resources in over 180 countries around the world.

Lincoln Wastewater System

Underneath and throughout Lincoln are 970 miles of sanitary sewer lines and pumping stations that flow wastewater to municipal treatment plants. Needing complete system reliability and efficiency, Lincoln, with system integrator Olsson Associates, implemented ICONICS HMI/SCADA software that gave Lincoln the ease of use and flexibility they required.

Longmont United Hospital

Opening a five-story patient tower with new private rooms, Longmont United installed ICONICS HMI/SCADA software to enable them to achieve their management goals. Integrated byRSI Company, Longmont Operators and maintenance personnel can easily navigate and control key operation parameters.

Longyearbyen Community Buildings

Longyearbyen, the world’s northernmost settlement, uses the KE Automasjon’s solution - the Datavaktmesteren® which integrates ICONICS GENESIS64 - to monitor/control the energy consumption and environments of all its nonresidential buildings, its wastewater treatment system, and the distribution of hot water from the power plant. From a centralized...


LUKOIL, headquartered in Moscow, Russia, is a major, international, vertically-integrated oil and gas company, accounting for 2.1 percent of the global output of crude oil. It is the largest privately owned oil and gas company in the world by proven oil reserves and is the third largest privately owned oil and gas company by oil production.

Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District

The Madison Water Sewerage District (MMSD) in Madison, Wisconsin needed to replace its aging and soon to be obsolete SCADA system and chose the ICONICS suite for its fast set up, its high level of design flexibility due to its modular and open architecture, and its affordable price point. Since the ICONICS platform provides critical real-time...

Malpensa Airport/Elsa S.p.A

Malpensa Airport, with managing partner, SEA, required an HMI/SCADA solution for an in-house data trending application to assist operators with determining amount of baggage processed. With ICONICS OPC data bridging software, Malpensa now has full plant monitoring and remote system control.

Manx Electricity Authority

The Manx Electricity Authority (MEA) in the United Kingdom is responsible for ensuring full commercial potential of the UK-IOM (Isle of Man) subsea power cable. Implementing ICONICS HMI/SCADA software solutions drastically enhanced the plant’s manageability.

Meir Tunnel

Meir, a suburb in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, is home to a 284-meter-long road tunnel on the A50, a major trunk road running almost 100 miles from Warrington to Leicester. The heavily congested district connects Uttoxeter, Nottingham and the East Midlands with Stoke-on-Trent and the M6 Motorway, the UK’s longest, possibly busiest, non-stop motorway.

Merrill Lynch

Building management of HVAC, Lighting, Energy, Security, Fire, and other building controls increased greatly with the implementation of ICONICS HMI/SCADA software. With over 1,000 screens deployed and top-notch 3D graphics, the ICONICS system makes operator control easy and increases energy efficiency.

Metal Trade Comax a.s.

Metal Trade Comax a.s. is a producer of non-ferrous casting alloys and surface treated metal. Needing a reliable system, Comax a.s. (with system integrator ADAX s.r.o.) implemented ICONICS HMI/SCADA software as a control solution for their production processes and saw an increase in Overall Equipment Effectiveness and Plant Manageability.

Mohegan Sun

With ICONICS’ HMI/SCADA software solution, the Mohegan Sun casino and hotel uses approximately 250 VAV boxes, 60 air handling units, 30 exhaust fans, 12 fan coil units, and a host of temperature and humidity readings and manages it from one central control room.

Mondi Packaging Paper Štětí a.s.

Mondi, who receives 1,000 tons of timber daily, knew they needed to upgrade to an OPC-based HMI/SCADA system that had Historical Data Access and Alarming. Implementing ICONICS software became the energy and plant management solution they were seeking.

Mosenergo Heating and Pipeline

The Mosenergo Heating and Pipeline Network in Moscow, Russia distributes hot water to 99 percent of buildings in Moscow for heating. The ICONICS HMI/SCADA system gives Mosenergo total control and supervision over all plants and pipelines from one control room.

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with a shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France, is the world’s fourth largest cruise line, largest privately-owned cruise company, and market leader in the Mediterranean, South America and South Africa. They sail throughout the year in the Mediterranean, in addition to a wide range of seasonal itineraries.


MultiTrode’s Outpost 2 is built on ICONICS’ OPC Web-enabled HMI/SCADA suite. The ISO9001 company designs and manufactures pump station controllers, RTUs, liquid level sensors, Web-based monitoring and control. With ICONICS, MultiTrode benefits from real-time reporting and data historians, analysis and remote alarming which increases overall efficiency.

Museum of Krapina Neanderthals

ICONICS HMI/SCADA suite connects and automates the Museum of Krapina Neanderthals’ building management systems, security systems and multimedia systems using Matrikon’s OPC Server and a Schneider Electric M340 PLC, a total integration that allows site operators control from one central control room.

New York Reservoirs and Dams

The NYC Department of Environmental Protection, with system integrator AdvanTech Corporation, began a project to monitor and control water levels in dam-reservoirs. With ICONICS HMI/SCADA software, NYCDEP’s modernization requirements of meeting MODBUS protocols, Schneider Electric PLC integration, and overall increased energy efficiency have been met.


The Oceanium at Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo, working with system integrator, Koning & Hartman ( in Amsterdam, Netherlands, selected ICONICS GENESIS64™ HMI/SCADA and building automation software suite.

Odense University Hospital (Svendborg Hospital)

Odense University Hospital Svendborg Hospital worked with AutomationLab to implement ICONICS automation software for the centralized monitoring/control of the majority of its buildings. With data logging consolidated into one system, the data is more easily available and accessible for alarm management and analytics. In addition, the advanced...

Ondrej Nepela

The Ondrej Nepela Stadium ice rink in Bratislava, Slovakia, near the Carpathian mountains, held the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Ice Hockey World Championship in 2011 and is one of the world’s most modern ice hockey facilities as well as the oldest hockey arena in Slovakia, with a history that stretches back to the 19th century.

Ontario Power/Hemi Controls

Selecting ICONICS HMI/SCADA software for its data mining, unified tag browser and robust trending and alarming, Ontario Power, along with system integrator Hemi Controls Inc., easily modernized their generating station with a new production capacity of 240MW.


With over 6.5 million square feet under one roof, the Pentagon is the world’s largest office building complex. Using O& M Engineering, Inc. and ICONICS HMI/SCADA software to monitor HVAC, Fire, Security, Lightning, Water Systems, Hazardous Agent Monitoring and more, building control management is more user-friendly and effective for Pentagon operators.

Permskaya Gres

Burning fuel for gas, Permskaya Gres has produced 112,000 million kilowatts of electricity since going into operation in 1986. Wanting to increase energy and management efficiency, ICONICS’ HMI/SCADA Enterprise system was installed and controls over 11,000 OPC tags.

PGT Industries

PGT Industries, the nation’s leading manufacturer and supplier of residential impact-resistant windows and doors, has increased productivity significantly with the implementation of ICONICS’ Productivity Analytics visual OEE/KPI/analysis software as their manufacturing intelligence system.

Port of Koper

The Port of Koper is the largest, and considered the most important, port in Slovenia. Working with system integrator, Robotina, d.o.o., they selected ICONICS’ GENESIS64 HMI/ SCADA and building automation suite, and immediately noticed the benefits of standardization, including the ability to make changes across the entire system more quickly.

Poste Italiane

Poste Italiane, the national postal system of Italy, annually processes 7 billion pieces of mail while operating thousands of post offices and employees. Poste Italiane selected ICONICS OPC Web-enabled HMI/SCADA software suite, with system integrator Elsag S.p.A., to increase efficiency.


As one of the largest producers of wires and cables in the Czech Republic, PRAKAB a.s. began an extensive investment program to modernize the plant and increase production. With this, PRAKAB implemented ICONICS HMI/SCADA software, due to its its PLC communications, OPC technology, increase in plant manageability, and energy efficiency.

Preciosa Ornela, a.s.

Preciosa Ornela, a.s., a division of the Preciosa Group, located in Desna, Czech Republic, is primarily involved with metallurgical production, glassmaking and the manufacturing of raw materials for jewelry. The company describes itself as one of the largest specialized glass companies in the world.

Racine Water & Wastewater Utility

Serving 100,000 customers, Racine Water Utilities installed ICONICS HMI/SCADA software to monitor and control their multiple lift stations, metering sites and safety sites. The ICONICS software solution includes a superior OPC-based data engine that allows live changes and improves overall plant management and efficiency.


R-CUA, headquartered in Strasbourg, France, specializes in the design, financing, development and operation of heat networks (biomass, geothermal energy), power stations and associated energy sources. R-CUA/R-CUE maintains 30 million euros worth of capital, with nine heating and cooling system networks over 48 kilometers in Alsace.

Rimske Terme

Rimske Terme is a luxurious business, wellness and spa resort located in the town of Rimske Toplice, Slovenia. Rimske, working with system integrator Robotina d.o.o., selected ICONICS GENESIS64™ HMI/SCADA software for their new building management system integration project.

Rome Metro S.p.A.

Needing to facilitate expansion of the already large metro, including three lines and 34 stations, Rome Metro S.p.A. looked to ICONICS HMI/SCADA software to enable monitoring and controlling of the entire Metro from a centralized location.

SAP Research Future Factory Initiative

Implementing ICONICS GENESIS64™ HMI/SCADA software for its Web-enabled OPC technology and cutting edge 3D graphics and visualization, SAP Research saw an increase in efficiencies across their supply chain and business operations as well as an increase in overall plant manageability and efficiency.


SASKI, the General Directorate of Sakarya Water and Sewerage Administration, provides clean water to the province of Sakarya, Turkey. They required automation software that could integrate with their multiple applications across hundreds of locations, including tank storage, drinking water purification/provision, wastewater purification, drilling, flow...

SC "ATS" Company, Ltd.

SC «ATS» selected ICONICS OPC Web-enabled HMI/SCADA software suite to help them manage their data as they specialize in the design, creation, introduction and tracking of automation systems in the Russian petroleum and natural gas industries.

Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Airport selected ICONICS for their Building Management software to run on over 30 PLCs, while monitoring over 300,000 tags. ICONICS HMI/SCADA software, implemented by JCI Netherlands, runs on three Microsoft Windows terminal servers and allows all 30 operators to monitor HVAC, Fire, Security, Lighting, Telephone, and Water systems simultaneously.


With swift precision through auto configuration tools, ScholleIPN selected ICONICS software for the deployment of mobile-responsive OEE, SPC, Scrap and Downtime dashboarding systems across all twelve of their global production sites within just two years, based on ICONICS software.

Scottish Water

Scottish Water provides clean, safe and high quality drinking water to 2.45 million households and 154,000 business premises across Scotland. Every day, they provide 1.3 billion litres of clear, fresh drinking water and take away 842 million litres of waste water, which they treat before returning to the environment.

Signature S.A.

SIGNATURE S.A. s ought to automate its paint plant using batch processing. They implemented ICONICS HMI/SCADA software, which was used to connect PLCs to SIGNATURE S.A.’s system, while the AlarmWorX™ module was installed to ensure traceability. WebHMI™ was added for remote control via production manager and process engineer stations.


Simsmart Inc. is used in a range of military and industrial applications where liquid and gas processes, HVAC, associated AC/DC electrical systems and related process controls are involved. Needing a system that could optimize all systems, Simsmart turned to ICONICS.

Société Foncière Lyonnaise - BIOME Project

The BIOME building in Paris was completely redesigned by Société Foncière Lyonnaise in 2017. The company used ICONICS solutions to operate the redesigned building at the highest level of efficiency providing the utmost in tenant comfort and safety. Moreover, ICONICS allowed for centralized control and monitoring of the building’s climatic and...

Solebury School

ICONICS paired its HMI/SCADA software with Vortechs Automation to provide Solebury School with pre-emptive alarming through a centralized control room, full point-and-click control, improved energy efficiency,and building and energy management along with integration with existing Microsoft Windows desktop and server operating systems.

STSI d.o.o. Integrated Technical Services

Integrated Technical Services, working with systems integrator, ECCOS inženjering, selected ICONICS’ Web-enabled, OPC-integrated HMI/SCADA software suite, as well as the WebHMI™ Web-based Real-Time Automation and AlarmWorX™ Multimedia (MMX) Distributed Enterprise-wide Alarm Notification add-ons in the Zcenter’s mission-critical update.

Sussex IM

Through the use of ICONICS software, Sussex IM, Inc. (a leading custom injection molding company) has realized data-driven decision making, improved operational visibility for better monitoring and control, and reduced human error. The company views ICONICS as a capability tool that allows them to continuously improve their manufacturing processes and...


Swiss Grid is an independent coordination company for the Swiss extra high voltage grid and operates 24/7. ICONICS HMI/SCADA software was selected for the DACF monitoring system due to its open nature, flexibility, and customization that allows prototype development with very low entry costs.

Tefal SAS (Building Application)

Tefal SAS, headquartered in Rumilly, France is a subsidiary of Groupe SEB, a world leader in small household equipment. Tefal’s Rumilly location employs approximately 1,850 people within 160,000 square feet of building space, with an additional 160 employees in Tournus, France within 21,000 square feet.

Tefal SAS Factory Sewage Network

Tefal worked with system integrator CALASYS to implement ICONICS for supervisory control of their factory’s sewage network. ICONICS allows the team to guarantee proper network function and better analyze how the network reacts to various conditions and situations. They can now monitor alarms and events in real time to quickly react to prevent pollution...

Thermo Systems

Thermo Systems implemented ICONICS’ HMI/SCADA software solution for a variety of control systems applications, including the automation of pharmaceutical HVAC, industrial chiller plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing, hospital lab controls, and HVAC, as well as biopharmaceutical and aerospace facilities.

Tonawanda Water Resource Department

Tonawanda Water Resource Dept is responsible for treating and distributing the billions of gallons of water drawn from Niagara Falls annually. To increase energy and management efficiency on the 4,000 I/O point system, Tonawanda installed KEPware OPC drivers to connect ICONICS HMI/SCADA software to Modicon PLCs and Industrial Control Links Devices.

Town of Arlington / Peirce School

The Peirce School is a public elementary school located in the town of Arlington, MA. The school is named after Captain Solomon Peirce, who served in the Revolutionary War. The original school building was built in 1924 and demolished in 2001. The current school facilities were built in 2003.

Transneft Russian Pipeline

Transneft manages the world’s largest oil pipeline extending from Siberia to the Baltics. With Systems Integrator, Elesy, Transneft uses ICONICS HMI/SCADA software suite to monitor the operation of over 400 pumping stations, 2,100 PLCs, and 1,000 tanks.

United Biscuits

ICONICS engineers worked alongside McVitie’s technical staff using ICONICS HMI/SCADA software to develop a system that executes the rules and makes the control adjustments within their ovens automatically.

University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is one of the top ranking universities in the UK, composed of 25 academic schools. Wanting to integrate the campus buildings to provide a secure, future-proof centralized building management solution, the university turned to Cougar Automation Ltd.and ICONICS’ GENESIS64™.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

A strong proponent of environmental sustainability, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) set an ambitious goal of reducing energy use by 15 percent across many of its buildings. In collaboration with ICONICS, the university monitors building performance in real time with a solution that combines big data with the Internet of Things.

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania (Penn), a private Ivy League university located in Philadelphia, PA, was founded in 1740 by Benjamin Franklin. Penn’s West Philadelphia campus comprises 299 acres with 215 buildings (excluding the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania).

University of Virginia

Founded in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson, the University of Virginia is made up of 11 schools in Charlottesville, VA, plus the College at Wise, spread out in over 500 buildings or facilities within 1,606 acres. It offers bachelor’s, master’s, educational specialist, first-professional degrees (law and medicine), and doctoral degrees in multiple fields.

VEC Technology, LLC

VEC Technology, who provides custom composite manufacturing, came to ICONICS in need of a 64-bit HMI/SCADA software solution that integrates with OPC protocols to directly interface with product databases to streamline processes and increase overall efficiency.

VIA University

VIA University was established in Denmark in 2008, originally spread across 38 sites throughout the country. Today, the university has been consolidated within 18 sites in eight cities. The school provides a variety of educational disciplines, including Business, Design, Movies/Animation, Education, Social Sciences, Healthcare and Technology.

Vitkovice Steel

Vitkovice Steel, with systems integrator Real Time Software, selected ICONICS HMI/SCADA software that runs on 26 client stations, providing approximately 40 main operating and overview screens. Integration with existing systems (KEP Servers, Stratus Servers, Siemens Simatic S7 PLCs, Oracle 9.2 databases) and existing Microsoft products was seamless.

Volgogradoblgaz OJSC

With the introduction of ICONICS’ solution, Volgogradoblgaz OJSC achieved their goals of installing a fully 64-bit operational system that could handle multiple rooms, pipelines, tanks and other assets while tracking 70 deployed objects (Gas Distribution points, Gas Control points), 3000 tags and 10 regional dispatch control centers.

Webb County Water Treatment

Webb County Water Treatment Plant in Rio Bravo, Texas constructed a new plant to replace the outdated, high maintenance water treatment facility. Its updates included using ICONICS HMI/SCADA software to ease operators’ and maintenance interaction with the graphically-enhanced, bilingual systems.

Xi’an Xianyang International Airport

Located in Xi’an, the geographic center of China, Xianyang International Airport (XXIA) is not only the biggest transportation hub in Northwest China, but is also China’s eighth largest airport. XXIA covers over 5.5 square kilometers of land. With a total area of 360,000 square meters, Xi’an Xianyang can handle over 30 million passengers per year.

Zentrum für Psychiatrie Südwürttemberg

As a differentiated and comprehensive help system for mentally ill patients, the Zentrum für Psychiatrie Südwürttemberg (ZfP) [Center for Psychiatry] in Germany needed to upgrade its old, faulty system to continue to guarantee the appropriate environment for the best possible patient treatment and care. Managing the upgrade, system integrator...