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Software Development Engineer (#830932)

LOCATION: Foxborough, MA, USA

Will implement designs or corrections passed down from higher levels. This includes coding software according to established standards, preparing documentation for the application, and preparing and submitting the software into the build process. Test the software for proper operation according to the specifications from higher levels and good engineering practice. Learn department standards and procedures in order to be effective in the other job responsibilities. Communicate problems and progress to the supervisor, review the implementation code, and review schedule compliance. compete weekly status reports and weekly time reports. Complete tasks in a quality fashion according to schedules established by the supervisor(s), and demonstrate completed tasks to the supervisor. Write software specifications and storyboards for software developments with guidance from more senior engineer. PREPARE Papers, technical articles, patent disclosures, and talks under guidance of more experienced engineers. Interface with quality assurance personnel in determining quality standards for products. Achieve familiarity with the product of the company common to activity and study the engineering and product of competitors. Support other departments on problems on existing products or new design releases. Assist supervisor and engineers with more seniority in solving technical issues, requiring some ingenuity and creativity and application of technical knowledge. Assist supervisor and engineers on product performance and failure analysis. Supply background information for presentations and technical documents. provide possible solutions to design problems and product failures. Write technical documents such as software specifications, test reports, and patent disclosures.


Masters Degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems or a related field.

Please reference Job Number #830932 when sending resumes. Please mail resumes to:
Iconics, Inc.
100 Foxborough Boulevard
Suite 130
Foxborough, MA 02035