Alarm Analytics™

Alarm Analytics™ provides Alarm Management, Reporting and Analysis.


AlarmWorX™32 is multimedia OPC alarm management software.


BatchWorX™64 is batch process management software, compatible with S88 requirements.


BizViz™ is business visualization and manufacturing software providing real-time manufacturing intelligence from the production floor to the boardroom.

BizViz™ Analytics

BizViz™ Analytics provides a suite of analytics solutions that maximizes your operational efficiency.


BridgeWorX™ provides real-time workflow for data bridging.


DataWorX™32 provides OPC Data Aggregation, Bridging, Redundancy and Tunneling.

Energy AnalytiX

Energy AnalytiX provides Advanced Energy Management Software.

Facility AnalytiX®

Facility AnalytiX® provides Predictive Software for Facilities Management.


GENESIS32™ OPC Web-enabled HMI/SCADA software suite allows users to connect to, analyze and visualize their organization's important data.


GENESIS64™ provides the World's Most Advanced Suite of 64-bit HMI/SCADA Software Solutions.

GENESIS64™ (German)

GENESIS64™ provides the World's Most Advanced Suite of 64-bit HMI/SCADA Software Solutions.

Hyper Historian™ for Azure

Hyper Historian™ for Azure provides a plant-wide historian for real-time data collection and IoT applications.

Hyper Historian™

Hyper Historian™ provides a High Speed, Reliable, Robust, Advanced Big Data Plant Historian for Any Application.


MobileHMI™ provides Instant KPTs and Alerts, Anytime, Anywhere.

Quality AnalytiX®

Quality AnalytiX® provides a Complete SPC Quality Software Solution.


ReportWorX™ provides Real-Time Reporting, Charting and Analytics Software.


ScheduleWorX™ provides Advanced Scheduling for Building Controls and Manufacturing.


IoTWorX™ provides an IoT Software Solution for Any Edge Device.

ICONICS Product Catalog

The ICONICS Product Catalog provides an all-in-one overview of ICONICS automation software solutions.

Smart Energy AnalytiX

Top 20 Reasons You Need GENESIS64