Connect 2020 Virtual: Digital Transformation Solutions for a New Normal

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Digital transformation has taken on a whole new meaning in today's world. Have you adapted your business to the "new normal" yet? Join us from the comfort of your own home to learn how to maximize operational productivity, enable remote operations, and transform your workforce to succeed in the new reality! We look forward to connecting with you virtually to showcase digital transformation solutions, customer applications, relevant case studies, and how ICONICS software helps you transform your business quickly and easily.


9:00 AM EDT
Welcome to Connect 2020 Virtual!
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Keynote - Disruptive Solutions for the Next Decade

ICONICS, a group company of Mitsubishi Electric, has been a trusted automation software industry leader for 34 years, helping companies all over the world to automate, monitor, control, and optimize asset performance in critical operations. Digital transformation impacts all organizations. We need to adapt to survive and thrive; and to futureproof our business by embracing the right disruptive technologies. In this virtual keynote, the ICONICS executive management team will address key challenges faced by manufacturing, industrial automation, and smart buildings customers, and the megatrends driving our continued innovation. Discover how AR, IoT, analytics, and remote expert solutions will play transformative roles in this new reality, and how ICONICS’ innovation roadmap, leveraging collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric, paves the way for you to take advantage of these emerging software technologies.

10:40 AM EDT
Keynote Reflections
10:50 AM EDT
Session Group 1 (Choose from 2 options):
Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Using Advanced Analytics to Transform Your Operations

The past six months have seen unprecedented changes in business models across almost every industry, enabling some to emerge as new leaders while others have been left behind. The key to such success? Embracing disruptive technologies to empower a remote workforce, develop and deliver new services, and increase production efficiency and quality; all informed by advanced analytics and intelligent KPIs.

Empower Remote Workers with Real-Time Expert Connections

Now more than ever we need to make our workforce more efficient, productive and safe to stay ahead in this current climate. With Remote Expert, companies with a highly mobile workforce are able to do just that. They are able to keep good records of where their workforce are, and at what times and are better able to schedule worker tasks.

11:25 AM EDT
Session Recap
11:30 AM EDT
Session Group 2 (Choose from 2 options):
Deploy Digital Workspace Solutions for the New Normal

With the majority of offices, public buildings and shops being closed due to COVID-19, building management teams were required to periodically, physically visit sites, ensuring that lighting, climate control systems and CCTV systems were all still working correctly. With each trip, they were potentially risking their own and others health. However, those with smart building systems implemented, building management were able to safely and remotely monitor systems and fix any issues, from the safety of their homes. As we anticipate a new normal in terms of safety and health, and as we look to start introducing more people back into buildings, smart building management systems will have the ability to support applications that can help to safely monitor and manage the threat of coronavirus.

Connect Your Equipment: Fast and Easy Secure IoT

The need for remote control and devices has never been greater than now. Quickly control and connect distributed operations/existing control systems with fast IoT. Create an operator console from existing control systems simply for predictive failure/monitoring.

12:05 PM EDT
Session Recap
12:10 PM EDT
Architecting Connections of the Future
12:30 PM EDT
Panel Discussion and Q&A

Featured Speakers

Tom Buckley

IoT Business Development Manager,


Tom Burke

Global Director of Industry Standards,

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

Oliver Gruner

Corporate Account Director - Mitsubishi Electric,


Mark Hepburn

Vice President of Worldwide Sales,


Yuji Ichioka

Executive Vice President,


Jim Kent

Chief Financial Officer,


Jotham Kildea

Solution Sales Engineering Supervisor,


Gary Kohrt

Vice President of Solutions and Services,


Vojtěch Kresl

Chief Technical Officer,


Zhi Wei Li

Director of Innovation and Incubation Solutions,


Dave Oravetz

Vice President of Engineering,


Melissa Topp

Senior Director of Global Marketing,


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