Mitsubishi Power Electric Product Manager Mr. Michael Doak explains the company’s solid standing in the utility market and its long history of manufacturing top and innovative technology and software, including the Spot Quadrupeds robot.

Video Transcript

Mr. Ted Hill President and CEO of ICONICS introduces the presenter of the next session Mitsubishi Power Electric Product Manager Mr. Michael Doak. [0:06]  

Mr. Doak introduces himself and explains his role and his work at Mitsubishi Electric Power where he is in charge of developing a state-of-the-art software platform named Power I. He explains that Power I is a sister company of ICONICS. [0:47]  

Mr. Doak explains his company’s role and products in the utility market. [1:18] 

Mr. Doak explains the quality of Mitsubishi Electric products and equipment and its continued innovation in the market. [2:17] 

Mr. Doak explains that Power I provides real-time visual intelligence and the benefits of this technology. [2:56] 

Mr. Doak explains Mitsubishi Electric’s partnership with Boston Dynamics and their joint commercial product the Spot Quadrupeds robot. He describes its capability [4:04] 

Mr. Doak explains the amazing lineup of Spot’s available sensor platforms and these capabilities and introduces a quick video of Spot working autonomously. [4:42] 

Mr. Doak goes over more of Spot’s capabilities and introduces another short video of Spot performing an inspection in an electrified substation. [5:52]  

Mr. Doak wraps up his presentation reiterating Mitsubishi Electric’s innovation equipment and software. [6:43]  

Mr. Hill ends the session by thank Mr. Doak and by commenting on the fascinating technology. [7:22]