Cucamonga Valley Water District

The Cucamonga Valley Water District (CVWD) in California strives “to provide high quality, safe and reliable water and wastewater services, while practicing good stewardship of natural and financial resources.” In 2008, the CVWD embarked on a control system project intended to simultaneously retrofit an existing treatment facility and increase the functionality of its existing controls using the ICONICS GENESIS32™ Enterprise HMI/SCADA suite. As the CVWD continued to leverage its system’s capabilities to better serve its customers, it looked to ICONICS ever-evolving solutions to achieve new goals and thus upgraded its system with GENESIS64 ™ HMI/SCADA Suite. The new features and tools have provided the opportunity for the CVWD to improve system performance in the areas of Supply, Quality, and Efficiency allowing the District to continue to provide “Service Beyond Expectation”.