Ente Autonomo Volturno

The Ente Autonomo Volturno (EAV) or the Volturnean Autonomous Agency, the Italian Campania public transport agency, manages the Naples ex-Circumvesuviana narrow-gauge network, the standard-gauge ex-SEPSA, and the ex-Alifana/ MetroCampania NordEst lines and operates the suburban railways, the Arcobaleno metro line, several bus lines, and a funicular (cable railroad). The EAV wanted to integrate all subsystems in the stations like the fire alarm system, closed circuit TV diagnostic, security access diagnostic, escalators, elevators, electrical cabinets, etc., into one SCADA system. The agency chose system integrator AsiWork S.r.l. to be responsible for the design and specification of the automation system along with the installation, configuration, commissioning, and service of this system. In turn, AsiWork chose ICONICS software to keep track of all the data and to provide superior visualization capabilities to help its personnel manage and control all operations.