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How to Use Your Captured Data to Your Advantage

The automotive industry has been capturing data at an unprecedented level for decades. Obtaining operational efficiency depends on taking advantage of all that data to make data-driven decisions.

ICONICS software and Mitsubishi Electric’s hardware can help you make use of your manufacturing data to streamline and optimize your manufacturing efforts.

Achieve Data Intelligence - Using Your Data to Make Better, Faster Decisions 

ICONICS helps you maximize your data. You will know what data is actually useful to enhance your vision and insight about your manufacturing operations. ICONICS makes it easy to store, visualize, analyze any data, enabling you to make informed decisions about your manufacturing processes. 

Actionable Intelligence - Less Work, More Results

With the right automation tools, you can get the fullest potential out of your data to make data driven decisions. Features of ICONICS software include:

  • Visualize Exact Operational Aspects

    Visualize the exact aspects of your production in real time through rapid animations and responsive displays. Graphs, trends, and other metrics update in real time to provide comprehensive production overviews. 

  • Track OEE Metrics 

    Leverage Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics to minimize waste and costs. Integrate real-time OEE metrics into manufacturing overview displays to provide knowledge of production efficiency. 

  • Observe Production Quality 

    Manage automotive production quality with native graphs and trends with ICONICS’ Quality AnalytiX® - a native quality reporting product that allows you to view SPC data and other production parameters impacting product quality. 

  • Monitor Operational Faults 

    Monitor and respond to production system faults. ICONICS standardized tools provide native fault views for clarity into fault lifecycle and maintenance for fault state tracking. 

See What Our Customers are Saying

“ Continental selected ICONICS automation software solutions due to the company’s product scope, in terms of technical solutions, and the flexibility of its available modules. Continental favored ICONICS’ strong customer orientation, the flexibility and availability of its employees, and the fact that they were solution-oriented. ”

Sebastian Amlong, DOPAC Project Lead  |  Continental AG

See What Our Customers are Saying

“ ICONICS software allows usage on multiple product lines using the same architecture, thereby increasing through put and decreasing implementation time. GENESIS reduces the number of databases on a system typically from 8 to 4, and allows PLC development software to run on PCs during the production process. GENESIS also accelerates software modifications to the machines. ”

Jack Porter  |  Comau Pico

See What Our Customers are Saying

“ The ICONICS software system has significantly reduced development and implementation time and has allowed us to tailor the systems, very efficiently, to the customer needs. ”

Dr. Davide Gardoni, Project Supervisor  |  IDRA Presse


Navigating Current Challenges in the Automotive Industry

Predictive Awareness

The automotive industry is still not where it should be with its predictive awareness capability. ICONICS and Mitsubishi Electric know this, and with our combined knowledge and experience, we can help you get better at looking at your operational future. We can help you get to predictive awareness. 

Traceability in the Automotive Industry

Product birth records and genealogy are crucial to tracking the manufacturing of products to ensure the highest quality and safety. ICONICS software sheds light on this process. Besides tracking every step of the manufacturing production and its stored parameters, ICONICS software can generate product reports that make all these recorded details easily accessible. 

Operational Efficiency

You can optimize operations with ICONICS to obtain operational efficiency for:

  • Reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint 
  • Decreased waste, costs, and work effort 
  • Improved maintenance and asset health 
  • Increased sustainability 

And, you’ll have the capability to tweak your processes for continuous improvement.

Bypass the Break/Fix Cycle Through a Predictive Maintenance Approach

The idea of preemptively knowing that an asset or some aspect in the production process is about to break is essential to optimizing operations and saving a great deal of money. ICONICS lets you use operational data to analyze the circumstances that led to an event, so you know how you got there.

ICONICS gives you the capability to continuously monitor your assets and processes to see and recognize trends and to say,

“Hey, we seem to be heading in the wrong direction. Why don't we look at that a little bit more closely?”

That’s time well spent. That’s optimizing your manufacturing data and processes.

Robot Predictive Maintenance Solution

The automotive industry uses robots extensively in its manufacturing processes. So, it makes good operational sense to expand on this approach by using a predictive maintenance solution for automation robots, like the one Mitsubishi Electric has developed.

This solution can easily:

  • Collect data from all factory robots.
  • Connect to 3rd party equipment to use data either on premises or in the cloud.
  • Provide maintenance overviews that list all robot assets in a tabular form and values like total consumption, remaining time, and so on.
  • Access an asset tree to drill down to a specific robot for a more detailed view of the data including more maintenance data like the total on time and the runtime.

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Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Products for the Automotive Industry

Mitsubishi Electric is exploring how to bring the details of production data to light, so you can easily draw out quality data for valuable operational insight. Their main objective is not only to access the data but also to use it to its full and highest potential. Mitsubishi Electric provides fundamental hardware for the automotive industry to obtain this goal.

Total Factory Automation Solution Supplier

The future of ICONICS and Mitsubishi Electric as global automation providers is unparalleled. Mitsubishi's complete automation hardware portfolio includes controllers, drives, CNC, and robots, while ICONICS complete software portfolio allows customers to historize, visualize, and analyze all of their manufacturing data. Together, ICONICS and Mitsubishi Electric will bring you operational optimization, no matter the process or environment.

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Our HMI/SCADA solution, GENESIS64 is the backbone of your connected factory, giving you eyes into your plant floor, building facilities, and corporate systems. Monitor alarms, track real time data, and make changes on the fly from your secure, web-enabled visualization dashboard.

Hyper Historian

Hyper Historian is a high-speed plant historian that can connect to multiple data sources across your enterprise, such as OPC UA, BACnet, web services, and many more. Our advanced calculation engine allows you to perform complex calculations and analyses.

Quality AnalytiX

Improve product quality and reduce scrap with Quality AnalytiX. Quality AnalytiX is a real-time Statistical Process Control quality analysis solution to help you maintain Six Sigma conformance. Use dashboards, control charts, built-in SPC calculations, and standard quality reports to pinpoint outliers and gain control over your product quality.