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Increase facility reliability and better manage your costs and risks with greater visualization tools and DCIM. 

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Strengthen Your Customers’ Trust & Confidence in Your Data Center

The intelligent data centers of today are tasked with providing cutting-edge service that includes the highest standards of security, business continuity, and intelligent monitoring of operations.

With ICONICS’ advanced automation software, smart data centers can implement strategies that significantly improve energy efficiency, productivity, and reliability. As a result, you can the total cost of ownership (TCO) and more importantly, strengthen your customers’ trust and confidence in your data center.

Achieve Target KPIs

Data center systems can use ICONICS technology to improve performance to achieve target KPIs and operational optimization. Through top-notch real-time monitoring and control, ICONICS ensures the best possible energy efficiency and life cycle management. 

Get quality data that can be used to its fullest potential

With the right tools, you can achieve operational optimization. You can wrangle your data using ICONICS to get quality data that can be used to its fullest potential. ICONICS software features include:

  • Monitor & Report Key Metrics

    Obtain deeper operational insight and monitor/report key facility metrics in real-time. Track and analyze performance, so operators and managers can make informed decisions and take immediate action to resolve issues.

  • Improve Uptime & Performance Metrics 

    Measure essential metrics like Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) in real-time to manage and improve uptime and facility operations. Maintain power and cooling accuracy to ensure energy efficiency.

  • Plan & Manage Capacity

    Better plan and manage capacity, power, and cooling to cut costs and save energy. Optimize facility space and operations to avoid downtime and reduce waste.

  • Increase Energy Efficiency & Cut Costs

    Improve operational visualization and energy monitoring. Better understand how and where to adjust performance to cut waste and costs and increase energy efficiency.

See What Our Customers are Saying

“ The ICONICS system has allowed us to minimize failure incidences and optimize energy consumption. It has also strengthened the trust and confidence our customers have in our company. ”

Giulio Iucci, CEO  |  Cloud Europe


How ICONICS Delivers Smart Services and Security to Data Centers

Decrease Response Time to Events & Prevent Failure

ICONICS’ alarm notification system alerts your team to events, so they can rapidly act.  With improved response, you can prevent failure and ensure business continuity. Ultimately, ICONICS provides the highest level of innovative data center infrastructure management.

Improve Energy Consumption & Asset Utilization

ICONICS’ exceptional visualization capabilities will allow your team to improve energy consumption and asset utilization. Our software allows data to be collected from temperature probes located at strategic points throughout the various rooms of your data center. The data is then transformed into easy-to-read graphs that your teams can use to assess operational and asset statuses. And with ICONICS, your teams can control and log all information from a central control room inside your data center.

Increase Sustainability & Decrease CO2 Footprint

You can significantly increase your sustainability and decrease your CO2 with ICONICS software suite. ICONICS can help you with:

  • Power management
  • Dynamic resource allocation
  • Cooling optimization
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Renewable energy integration
  • Virtualization and containerization
  • Life cycle management

With ICONICS intelligent solutions, you can reduce energy consumption to operate your data centers more efficiently, so you can make substantial strides in increasing sustainability and decreasing CO2 footprint.

Get Critical Notifications with ICONICS’ Alarm Notification System

ICONICS software offers operators an overall view of all systems, including security systems such as fire detection, intrusion detection, and video surveillance. Your team will also get notifications if any of these systems experience issues.

Provide Business Continuity Through Alarm Notification 

ICONICS software takes care of monitoring and connecting your data from devices and creates alerts when anomalous conditions arise. To ensure business continuity, your team needs to address issues which entails swiftly establishing the root cause to take the appropriate action. ICONICS’ alarm notification and management capabilities will allow your team to rapidly identify root causes thus reducing errors and downtime. 

Improve Your Team’s Response to Events

By using ICONICS software to intelligently monitor your data center, you’ll improve data gathering and real-time visualization, so your team can better respond to events. This will determine how to optimize energy supply and demand and reduce losses. You’ll be able to deliver the service, security, and continuity – the operational optimization – your customers expect. And you will strengthen your customers’ trust in your company.   

Innovate Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) 

ICONICS software provides innovative DCIM through the highest level of measuring and monitoring to prevent costly downtime. It is also designed to provide the management of assets, both onsite and remote, thus solving your issue of limited staff. You’ll be able to know the exact status of your data center, environment, energy consumption, and its assets/equipment. DCIM ultimately resolves the issue of increasingly complex data center infrastructures.  

Total Factory Automation Supplier

The future of ICONICS and Mitsubishi Electric as global automation providers is unparalleled. Mitsubishi's complete automation hardware portfolio includes controllers, drives, CNC, and robots, while ICONICS complete software portfolio allows customers to historize, visualize, and analyze all of their manufacturing data. Together, ICONICS and Mitsubishi Electric will bring you operational optimization, no matter the process or environment.

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