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Supercharge your building’s performance and tenant experience with ICONICS advanced visualization, monitoring, and control software suite.

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Future-Proof Your Smart Building Management

Managing a building, its operations and workplaces, comes with great expectations these days. Meeting these means incorporating disparate IT/OT/IoT technology to bring about a smart building, inside and out. This makes sense since smart buildings deploy sensors, systems, and software to leverage data for an increased level of monitoring, control, and data-driven decision-making. And the benefits speak for themselves.

Achieve Building Optimization

With Smart Building Software from ICONICS, you can implement a smart building infrastructure to get the most out of your building and building experience. Get enhanced benefits such as:

  • Energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Tenant comfort
  • Universal connectivity
  • Security and alarm management
  • Predictive maintenance

Bring Your Building to Life with Unified Operational Dashboards

With the right tools, you can achieve operational optimization. You can wrangle your data using ICONICS to get quality data that can be used to its fullest potential. Some ICONICS software features include:

  • Visualize Operations

    ICONICS real-time visualization lets you quickly identify inefficiencies to optimize all aspects of your building’s operations. Through data integration and analytics, our software provides the historical and predictive insights you need for enhanced decision making.

  • Track Energy Usage

    ICONICS continuously monitors energy consumption, so you can identify energy-intensive areas and equipment. This information lets you take decisive action to optimize energy and reduce operational costs.

  • Monitor Indoor Environment

    ICONICS software monitors environmental aspects like temperature, humidity, air quality, and lighting, so you can ensure maximum occupant comfort and wellbeing. With such responsive climate control, you can also optimize energy efficiency.

  • Observe Occupancy

    ICONICS tracks space utilization patterns and occupancy trends. With this information, you can optimize space allocation, heating/cooling, and lighting resulting in increased energy and resource efficiency and cost reduction.  

See What Our Customers are Saying

“ The implementation of the ICONICS Suite of applications allows us to optimize operational efficiency and keep an eye on energy costs. We use the real-time dashboards as part of our Advanced Building Automation Curriculum. Previously we relied on static data and theoretical concepts, but now we’re able to show real-time data in a dynamic environment.  ”

Dean Tallman, Chief Information Officer  |  International Union of Operating Engineers

See What Our Customers are Saying

“ Our conversations have changed. Before, the calls we got were about buildings being too hot or too cold, or about work orders. Now we’re talking about data points and building faults and energy usage. We’re seeing efficiencies that we never even contemplated when we started this journey. ”

Darrell Smith, Director of Facilities and Energy  |  Microsoft

See What Our Customers are Saying

“ MSC Cruises sought a modern monitoring and control system for its latest cruise ship, the MSC Meraviglia. They selected ICONICS’ GENESIS64™ to manage its HVAC system for approximately 450 fans, 820 sensors and 1,000 actuators, managing the comfort of up to 5,714 guests. ”

MSC Cruises  |  Saint-Nazaire, France


Tackling the Challenges of Operating & Managing Your Smart Building

ICONICS automation software suite is key to ensuring your building is smart and highly functional. With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, ICONICS, including its Intelligent Building Software Stack (IBSS), provides centralized visualization and control of all operational aspects of your building and digital workplace. No matter what your stake is, our software brings the most to property owners and tenants alike.

Cost Management

Rising operational costs and sustainability concerns make it crucial for buildings to operate efficiently and to maintain the highest level of functionality. ICONICS provides real-time monitoring and control along with energy consumption data based on occupancy and usage patterns. This valuable insight lets you:

  • Reduce operational costs by optimizing energy consumption
  • Improve resource usage
  • Track equipment performance for enhanced maintenance scheduling

Technological Integration

Operating/managing buildings today often require integrating various technologies including building management systems (BMS), IoT devices, and smart architecture. ICONICS software has universal connectivity and allows for native implementation of BACnet, OPC, databases, web services, IoT, SNMP, MQTT, OData, and more for highest level of interoperability and integration. You will be able to tie in all the different communication protocols and technologies for smooth building operations.

Tenant Satisfaction

The changing demographics and needs of building management should cater to more flexible sustainable office spaces that prioritize wellbeing, collaboration, and productivity. Whether your company is the only tenant or not, ensuring tenant satisfaction is paramount. ICONICS software allows for ultimate comfort, convenience, and safety through its advanced customizable controls for climate and access and its mobile apps for facility-related services.

Level-Up Your Office Experience and Workplace Management with IBSS

ICONICS’ innovative workplace solution (Intelligent Building Software Stack – IBSS) allows organizations to manage and promote a flexible workplace, providing applications that deliver a unified user experience, help improve employee productivity, and drive optimization of operations and real estate.

Plug & Play Prop-Tech

‘Plug and play’ is a range of existing and emerging technologies built into the IBSS digital twin. Through open APIs, pre-built integrations, and interoperable-only protocols, you are empowered to choose the in-class sensors, systems, and apps that best suit your goals and working style.

Data-Driven Insights

Whether you’re a developer, owner, operator, or tenant, IBSS unifies all of your spatial, static, and live system data into a centralized and secure data digital twin. The IBSS digital twin has apps, workflows, analytics, and visualizations tailored to help you and your colleagues do your best work.

Outcome Orientated Modularity

Even though every building is different, IBSS allows you to deploy modular systems at scale and speed. You can choose the functions, features, and outcomes you want to enable through our tailored marketplace bundles for deployment across your entire portfolio.

Total Factory Automation Supplier

The future of ICONICS and Mitsubishi Electric as global automation providers is unparalleled. Mitsubishi's complete automation hardware portfolio includes controllers, drives, CNC, and robots, while ICONICS complete software portfolio allows customers to historize, visualize, and analyze all of their manufacturing data. Together, ICONICS and Mitsubishi Electric will bring you operational optimization, no matter the process or environment.

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Facility AnalytiX® is a complete, ongoing commissioning software solution based on ICONICS’ advanced Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) technology, which significantly reduces costs and improves operational efficiency.