SCADA for Water and Wastewater Treatment

Reduce downtime and make sure operators are where they need to be, with all the data they need in their pocket.

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Solving Water Industry Challenges

How can the water industry increase availability, safety, and overall operational efficiency, while at the same time reduce costs? Easy - use a top-notch automation software solution like ICONICS. By leveraging your operational data, ICONICS provides:

  • Real-time monitoring and control
  • Superior alarm management
  • Minimized downtime
  • Improved maintenance
  • Efficient resource management
  • Enhanced workflows

Let’s explore how ICONICS’ smart automation and SCADA solutions can help your operations.

Increased Operational Efficiency

By using ICONICS, you can empower your operations team to run your plant at the highest, most cost-effective level possible. Our solutions provide advanced visibility into operations that allow your team to: 

• Monitor the real-time status of your operations and assets.  
• Find trends for better operational efficiency. 
• Detect problems through proper alarm management.  
• Address maintenance scheduling and requirements.  

Superior Alarm Management

ICONICS provides insight into your facility’s operations. In case of any operational issue, ICONICS alarm management software will alert your team, so they can act quickly to resolve the problem.  

Get quality data that can be used to its fullest potential

The ICONICS Suite offers an expansive range of products for visualization, analysis, and management of your facilities. Features of the ICONICS suite include:

  • Increased Efficiency & Reduced Costs

    ICONICS uses operational data to provide advanced visibility into the performance of your facility and the health of your assets. Your team can use this insight to make data-driven decisions to increase efficiency and reduce costs.  

  • Historian Data Logging

    ICONICS Hyper Historian collects real-time operational data which can be used for detecting trends/patterns and for insight into optimizing facility performance and asset health.  

  • Remote Alarm Notifications

    With comprehensive OPC-based alarm management, ICONICS delivers remote alarm notifications and information directly to the user. Leverage email, SMS, text-to-speech, and voice calls to alert users subscribed to an application.

  • Native GIS Mapping

    Create a geographical overview to monitor multiple locations while maintaining the ability to locate and drill into specific assets. Users can integrate with Esri and other apps to include additional GIS mapping features and data layers. 

Safeguarding a World of Water

ICONICS works with municipalities from around the world in order to ensure a safe, steady supply of water and the professional maintenance of wastewater facilities. Our company counts customers from Ireland to India to Iowa and all points in between, assisting with multiple processes from tank monitoring to reclamation and more.

See What Our Customers are Saying

“ LCMUA immediately realized the benefits to selecting ICONICS solutions. With GENESIS64, they achieved improved secure visualization of water and sewer levels, as well as monitoring and control of potable water and wastewater, elevation, PSI, intrusion pumps, pump monitors/controls, pump failure status, and temperature. ”

Lake Cities Municipal Utility Authority  |  Lake Dallas, Texas, USA

See What Our Customers are Saying

“ While we continue to develop our Situational Awareness system, we have already seen significant benefits through the early identification of business events and thus the protection of our service to our customers. As we move forward, the functionality developed to date will not only continue to improve our reactive response, but fully support the delivery of a more proactive service from our ICC to both our internal and external customers. ”

Bernie Rodden, Manager of the ICC  |  Scottish Water

See What Our Customers are Saying

“ Cully Automation Ltd. chose ICONICS’ AnalytiX® solution firstly because of the working relationship and support which ICONICS has given us in the past, and secondly because we think ICONICS now has the software tools at their disposal with GENESIS64™ and AnalytiX to deliver the complete countywide SCADA, Leakage and Energy Management solution to our customer. ”

David Cully, Project Manager  |  Cork County Council


Addressing Water Industry Challenges with ICONICS Software

ICONICS’ software suite is key to addressing the water industry challenges of today. With ICONICS, you’ll have the following capabilities and more:  

• Better data logging and use of historical data  
• Improved/remote alarm notification  
• Enhanced asset management  
• Report generation for governmental compliance  
• Transfer of the expertise/workflows of an aging workforce 

Build a Problem-Solving Framework with GENESIS64

Automate and institutionalize process knowledge and workflows within GENESIS64, so when personnel need to address issues, they’ll have a common problem-solving framework. This approach will lead to more operator-to-operator consistency to systematically address issues and introduce acceptable changes that the operators buy into themselves.

Keep Track of All Asset Information & Metrics 

ICONICS asset-based management capability allows your team to keep track of all asset information and metrics. Our solution does this by:  

• Providing a hierarchical model of equipment that gives context to system assets. 
• Contextualizing information to naturally tie data to assets.  

The benefits of organizing information in this way becomes especially significant when facilities are running tens of thousands of tags. 

Transfer and Formalize Institutional Knowledge

It’s important to have a system like ICONICS in place to transfer and formalize the expertise of your aging technicians, operators, and managers. ICONICS GENESIS64 does this by documenting institutional knowledge through set standard operating procedures, and driving consistency in the way information is collected, displayed, and stored.  

As a result, new operators spend less time training and can start making an impact out in the field much sooner. 

Maintain Critical Security Standards

Maintaining a strong security posture often requires the need for rapid technology migration at the SCADA layer of company systems, which includes upgrading computers, operating systems, and the application software. At the same time, it is important to maintain the ability to communicate with legacy automation infrastructures. ICONICS and its system integration partners can advise you on your technology migration while maintaining a high degree of backward compatibility to help with this. 

Universal Connectivity

ICONICS Solutions support many standard industry communications such as OPC-UA, Modbus, MQTT, CC-Link, SNMP, web services, and various databases such as SQL, Oracle, and ODBC. This capability will allow you to quickly and easily connect to virtually any industrial device and/or information system you utilize such as:   

• Industrial control systems (PLCs, RTUs, DCS, I/O devices, etc.)
• IoT/IIoT/Edge devices, cloud systems, web services, GIS, etc.
• Databases (Microsoft SQL, Oracle, OpenSQL, etc.)
• Facility management (ERP, work order systems, etc.)

Total Automation Solution Supplier

The future of ICONICS and Mitsubishi Electric as global automation providers is unparalleled. With Mitsubishi's complete automation hardware portfolio and ICONICS’ comprehensive software portfolio, you will achieve operational optimization ensuring increased efficiency and cost reduction.  

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Our HMI/SCADA solution, GENESIS64 is the backbone of your connected factory, giving you eyes into your plant floor, building facilities, and corporate systems.  Monitor alarms, track real time data, and make changes on the fly from your secure, web-enabled visualization dashboard.

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Hyper Historian is a high-speed plant historian that can connect to multiple data sources across your enterprise, such as OPC UA, BACnet, web services, and many more.  Our advanced calculation engine allows you to perform complex calculations and analyses.